I’ll admit it, I’m a refugee

I like this place, a lot. The more I’m here, the more I like what I see, overall.

I’m going to be checking in here a lot more often that the orange place, in part because of Front Page diaries like this biased piece and the other trash that fills orange space [I’ve gone back to check, because I miss some of the posters].

It’s sort of funny. I have grown to appreciate Barack Obama more, but have grown nearly totally disenchanted with the Great Orange Satan. You folks have to understand, I posted tens of thousands of comments a year at the GOS, and I was a lurker long before I registered, even.

So that is all, just my pleasant way of saying I’ll be hanging out here for a while. I enjoy the less polizei type atmosphere where people don’t yell at each other “It’s not really a diary” and while I have not seen anyone get a ‘Wrong!’ for a Frist here, the lack of general animosity is very refreshing.


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  1. … dahlink!

    It’s always good to have an alternative.

    And I look forward to reading more from you here.  I’ve always enjoyed your writing when I encountered it at l’orange.

  2. cause really, it can get a little edgy here sometimes. right NPK?

    glad to have you join us.

  3. we try not to Wrong each other here, lol.

  4. I too am a refugee from the GOS, although I never posted a diary there.  I was castigated for my “high” UID and told that I did not have the right to be commenting because of it.  I started going there just for information last summer, but there seems to be precious little of that these days.  I followed budhydharma over here and find it a much better fit for me.  It’s not that I’m a tender soul but rather that if I wanted wingnuts yelling at me I could just go to a family get together.  

    • Robyn on April 3, 2008 at 12:07 am

    In fact, refugees have to post meta before they get assigned to a tent.

  5. I’m glad to see you here. Pull up a chair, and I’m sure someone will hand you a loaf of bread and a bottle o’wine.

    I became very disenchanted with the orange a while back, culminating in taking off before what I understand was the big “strike”. The incredibly unfair, inaccurate, and ridiculously slanted view on the front page did me in. I’m an undecided voter (formerly voted for Edwards), and I found the frontpage to be intolerably unfair in what they were writing.

    I used to spend a good hour or so over there many days. It has felt very weird to step away. I’ve looked back a couple of times, but now, on the rare occasion I lurk back there, I realize how much I’m not missing it. So many of the best people are here, writing very interesting stories and politely debating issues. I walk away from this place feeling informed and upbeat, not angry and disgusted with my fellow Democrats.

    So, welcome, and enjoy!

    • nocatz on April 3, 2008 at 3:03 am

    you don’t have a folder full of photos of your felines.  

  6. this is my shelter from Hillary wars. people never stop being polite here.

  7. While we’re not always polite… we always keep

    in mind the #1 rule :

    Be excellent to each other

    Welcome home  😉

  8. Willkommen. Bienvenue. Welcome. C’mon in.

    because, as Tom Petty says:

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