Iglesia ……………………………………… Episode 49

(Iglesia is a serialized novel, published on Tuesdays and Saturdays at midnight ET, you can read all of the episodes by clicking on the tag.)

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Raised heart rate, shortness of breath, unblinking eyes, the unintentional and unavoidable rumbling rousings of the most primal and ancientest biological systems, (interesting in itself, under these circumstances) tunnel vision excluding everything peripheral to a small corridor bored through space by their eyes. Unquenchable interest. Unbidden but undeniable desire. Tingling.  

All momentarily disturbed by the movement through the instantaneously manufactured field of energy that was growing and solidifying in the twenty or so feet between their respective consciousnesses and genitalia by ….Rogers. Two double takes at the sight of two Rogers’s. Dual gaped mouths as one Rogers walked between them and approached and then sat down into the other Rogers. A small shared ratcheting back to ‘normality’ as a tea table appeared behind the  sudden singularity of Rogers. A snapped return to ‘their space’ as soon as was possible for the human mind. Simultaneous smiles. Synchronized sexual synapse firing, followed by all too human hesitation and awkwardness as a next step was, eventually, about to be required.

“Tea, anyone?”

From the hip, and without disconnecting their eyes this time, and utilizing the absolute minimal muscular movement and efforting required to perform the action, Iglesia flipped Rogers the bird.

His silent smirk of rebuttal went undetected.

“Iglesia,” she said. Music, he thought, as it swelled in his chest.

“Abe,” he replied. A sensation in the pit of her stomach she could not describe.

The mutually radiating, received, amplified, returned and resonating energy field demanded they be closer. They obeyed and walked towards each other until stopped by the fire pit between them. Iglesia, her proximity sense slightly less trained, stubbed her toe on the rocks and reflexively said “shit.”

It was the most heartrendingly adorable curse Abe had ever heard.


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  2. Young Abraham and Iglesia appear to be intent upon consummating their passion for several hours, even though they are not married.

    But I think it’s an excellent idea!  

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