Has Karl Rove Won The Democratic Primary?


The strength of Progressive/Liberal/Democratic activists (hereafter referred to as The Left) has always been their passion.

The weakness of Progressive/Liberal/Democratic activists….. has always been their passion.

That weakness is haunting us again, right now. Passionate people are easy to manipulate. Passion overwhelms thought and causes emotional, rather than analytical decision making. That passion and emotion has united The Left into a powerful force in the past around many issues such a Civil Rights, Womens Rights and the Peace Movement. That passion has also been used to easily sow division in The Left, by introducing  agents provocateurs to redirect that passion from its Right Wing targets….and to foment division in The Left. Thus fracturing it.

The only real way, unfortunately, to tell if this is happening is to wait and see if it happens. If The Left ends up fractured over some issue, you can bet that operatives from The Right have had a hand in fracturing it.

As it is ….coincidentally?….. fractured right this very moment over the primaries.

When The Left is fractured, the RW wins. This phenomena, plus propaganda (as BarbinMD highlights) and organized voter suppressions effort are some of the prime reasons the RW has been able to gain and keep power throughout the Baby Boom. The Left had/has superior numbers, The Right had/has superior, if despicable, tactics.  

Conspiracy theory? Hardly. Their resounding success with Cointelpro…

Agents and informers did not merely spy on political activists. Their main purpose was to discredit and disrupt. Their very presence served to undermine trust and scare off potential supporters.

….. Combined with all manner of legendary GOP ‘Dirty Tricks’ and “rat fucking,” they have managed to turn The Left against itself time after time. And The Left has fallen for it time after time. Like right now. We even know it is happening, as can be seen by the may comments asserting it during the primary wars on Dkos and elsewhere, yet here we are again, fractured. Especially the Blogosphere, which now resembles a collection of warring candidate ghettos where partisans gather…and are whipped into a frenzy…to attack and deride other blogs for THEIR partisanship and disloyalty to the true Democrats, or this or that wing of the Party.

The modern master of this is of course, Karl Rove. As the heat was turned up on him during the US Attorneys scandal, and the primary was heating up, he resigned his post in the White House to spend more time with his family…of political rat fuckers and dirty tricksters. He is also an ‘advisor’ to McCain.

Sigh…so here we are again, the country is united against Bush and the Republicans…and the Dems are united…against themselves. At an unprecedented historical opportunity to seize the day, we are instead seizing each other throats. Again.

Karl Rove is winning the Democratic Primary.

What can be done about it? Not much, the damage has been done…it has been allowed to be done and aided by the candidate warriors of all stripes.

The real question is what can we do now to heal the rifts and come together as soon as possible to defeat McCain. To not let the rat fuckers win again.


It is up to each and every candidate partisan to look in their hearts and stop this division, this engineered fracturing….NOW. Yes horrible acts!!! have been committed in the candidate wars. Are they worth letting McCain win? To let the republicans win? Or are YOU big enough to put the past in the past, to forgive and forget, to come together now despite your CURRENT passionate hatred for the other DEMOCRATIC candidate.

The primaries may end tomorrow…or they may continue for months….but we need to start the healing process soon….or the rat fuckers win again. And our nation and the world will suffer. Again this is an historic opportunity to hand the Republicans their ass…how are you helping The Left? How are you helping ALL Dems? What are you doing to defeat the Republicans War Mongers, Torturers and War Profiteers?

A final clue, the way to defeat these asshats that we ALL despise… is NOT by beating up on your friends and fellow Dems. Look in the mirror and SNAP OUT OF IT!!!


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    • brobin on April 21, 2008 at 19:30

    trying, in a very non-combative manner, to interject into the I HATE HILLARY and I HATE BARACK diaries that we need to focus our collective energy at this time on defeating McCain and not cutting off the nose to spite the face.

    Some are still able to see reason, but it is a decidedly few as opposed to those that just want to hate on the other Democratic candidate.

    I’m going to continue, however, because it is simply not acceptable for Bush to get that third term.  


  2. even the rats are tired of getting screwed by the Repubs.

    • robodd on April 21, 2008 at 19:55

    the political class that believes that accountability is a thing to be feared.  I suspect we will need a real paradigm shift in the way we see ourselves before the ship of state will be righted.  The democrats deserve criticism.  They will not unify until they get their moorings back–and nothing less is really acceptable.

  3. Karl Rove’s commanders deep in the secret government “secure” location program Cray supercomputers to play out the Sim City political think-o-sphere.

    Anti-Illuminati studies come with the basis that numerous global cabal type organizations manipulate events on a world level daily for corporate benefit and profits.

    The traditional right/left then becomes mere theatrical window dressing.

    McCain-Conservatives dumped him for his stance with Ted Kennedy on immigration.  Even Rudy, Mr. 911 is a symptom of a public well disgusted by the global war of terror.

    The left however chooses their stance through selective hearing.  2006 and non-impeachment is one example.  Another is the total dead silence on a real 911 investigation, holding criminal behavior as criminal behavior and the deafening silence on GWB’s plan to create a North American Union similar to the EU.  What better way for “the left” to squash the neo-con war mongering ways than to shine a bright light on plans to deep integrate the NAFTA countries under the common currency of the Amero.

    But no, lamestream gives us sheeple racist/sexist and later gun totin beer drinking Hillary.  Obama scares the crap out of us with rumors of completely folding the US into a full scale global government complete with a left leaning totalitariansim that would make BushCo seem like the Dali Lama.

    Our stance is that these people, at this level are incapable of listening to the voice of the people and are living in the artificial world made specifically for them by experts far above cointelpro, the Illuminati.

    • Benny on April 21, 2008 at 19:58

    Today for speaking your mind.  

    You have said some things I thought but didn’t.  

  4. 1. the right wing, trying to get us to cannibalize ourselves.

    2. the left wing, trying to get us to cannibalize ourselves.

    3. the candidates, who haven’t raised the level of discourse. it should be about the issues and the serious problems we face and how we can get through these uncertain and sometimes dangerous times.

    4. the biggest weakness is in ourselves. we don’t learn. take the poster yesterday who is now supporting McCain. he’s so fed up with the democrat’s crap (and i feel exactly the same), that the slightest thing that sounds like straight talk gets the poster’s attention and vote. and what would make anybody think that McCain would tell the truth??? what in these last truth-forsaken years, on both sides of the political aisle, would make one even come close to such a conclusion??????

    because we are desperate. we are angry. and we have a right to be. and nobody offers anything but democrat or republican. nobody wants to get out of this desert.

    focus on 2010. focus on taking back the house with net and grass roots candidates. focus on taking back local school boards and planning boards. get on your democratic committees… there are people there looking to advocate for third party candidates. find democracy for america types… they aren’t tied to a brand. but an ideal.

    we are starving for leadership. we are starving for clarity. and all we get is more crap.

  5. as Democratic as well as GOP administrations presided over this program…are you suggesting that possibly these forces were able to get the progressive elements in Dem leadership to stand down and allow this program to happen under their watch?

    Or…are you saying that Dems capitulate as much as anyone else when it comes to fighting the progressive left?

    Just found it interesting that you brought up this specific example…

  6. the question is what will it take to unite us?!?……

  7. it is highly likely that we will experience another event to increase the fear……

    because fear is what unites them…..

    and to some degree it is what keeps us quite and divided…..

  8. some of us on the Left would argue that once it came down to Obama and Clinton (and I would include Edwards) that Rove had already won.

    Just sayin’.

  9. people in the Democratic party so many don’t get what is

    happening to them.  It’s one of those not seeing the forest

    for the trees times.  So please keep yelling buhdy (Buddy)!  😉

  10. greenwald film for an all too clear presentation of the strategy.

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