Friday Night at 8: Confusion!

I got nothing.

Tank is empty.

But of course, that has never stopped me from writing scads of words before.  Heh.



The bad news is relentless and the good news is overwhelming.  Seeing so many smart and creative people writing such illuminating essays in the midst of such pain and suffering and injustice, wowsville.

Gives me a bit of cognitive dissonance, it does.

I am in a state of confusion when it comes to politics.  And that’s just fine with me.

I won’t fight confusion, just makes it stronger and somewhat painful!

I surf it like a big wave in the ocean, let it lift me right up out of it and end up going with the flow.

It’s these times, times of confusion, that new views and new ideas are formed.

So I’m thinking of the Chinese I-Ching hexagram, 28, “Preponderance of the Great.”  Talks about too much weight in the middle and too weak at the ends and thus the danger of a collapse.

The strength is we have an amazing amount of knowledge that very few people possess.  I think sometimes I take that for granted a little and then get figuratively socked in the jaw when I speak with folks who are often much smarter than me and even of better character, and they are completely clueless about the state of our nation.

The weakness is the feeling I get that we have this vast treasure yet do not know how to spend it.

The confusion is over how I can bear to let even a bit of this treasure touch the cesspool that is politics today in America.  For even though I have seen inspiring and wonderful people speak out during the political process these past few months, the backdrop of crime, murder, theft and just general ghastliness of character brings to my mind the old Biblical cliche of throwing pearls before swine, in the snobbiest sense.

So to me it’s too much accumulation and not enough dispersion.  Thus the I-Ching reference.

Well I’m an individual and I am living in New York City, so there’s plenty of opportunity for me to start throwing them pearls, hell even though I’m mad as hell at most of my fellow Americans, I just can’t quit them.  Most of them are far better than me in almost all ways.  So as much as I love pearls, I’m gonna throw them everywhere I can and no longer concern myself with where they end up or bemoan their loss.

I’ve seen here at Docudharma alone a neverending supply if I’m so inclined to partake and admire.

It’s spring.  I’m going to start scattering seeds.  Perhaps a little chaos and confusion are downright appropriate for that task.

Yeah, fuck it.  I am hereby embracing my confusion.  Doesn’t feel near as bad as I thought it would.

All Praise Friday!  Hope everyone has a glorious and grand and beautiful weekend (with a special shout-out to all my fellow wageslaves).


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  1. … I’ve got PLENTY of nothing!

    • Robyn on April 12, 2008 at 02:28

  2. that’s the last blog post I’m reading today.  I’m out to embrace my own confusion.  cheers.

  3. And those few are precious…..we need NUMBERS! The more people we can inform the better.

    But some of them just need a good spanking to get them to pay attention.

    As a compassionate person I am ashamed of myself for thinking that. But my greatest fear is that the spanking they need, and that karma is bringing them, will not be in a form that they can understand. That they are so asleep that the coming economic hardship born of the war and the rapacious policies of this administration and its imperialistic Manifest Destiny based jingoism…..will just confuse them.


    I once asked a person I consider to be enlightened…what enlightened people do in this benighted world. His reply was “wait for the rest of you.”

    • Alma on April 12, 2008 at 02:33

    Hell, some days I don’t know which way is up.  The surreal has turned real, and what should be reality seems so far out of our grasp.  Think I need a drink.  😉

  4. When a student is ready, a teacher will appear.

    But sometimes I feel like I’ve been damn ready for a long time, and the “teacher” has yet to show up!!!  

    • Metta on April 12, 2008 at 05:56

    I am always on edge.  This year our Valley Tulip Festival has been postponed because it’s so cold and tulips are only now starting to open in the fields. The wind is raw and dry and almost everything metal I touch, gives me a shock.  I am overwhelmed by the amount of personal exploration here.  Introspection is one of the luxuries I have tried to give up as I alone mostly become mired in a downward spiral of confusion.  Here, I get a certain amount of reflection that helps define those dark corners.  The light I’ve been attempting to shine has been getting brighter, these past years.

    My husband and I are participating in the country caucus for Skagit county, WA.  The energy I feel at the meeting I have attended so far is pretty electrifying.  People are excited about being involved and part of the process.  For what it’s worth?  I don’t know,  involvement means something at least now.  The afternoon session will be choosing planks for the party platform.  This should be interesting!!!  Will it be a statement against the war, torture, stopping the erosion of the constitution.  As an alternate if I don’t get a voice I will at least be able to witness the process.  It will be my first time involved at this level.

    here’s to Friday and spring and confusion


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