Don’t you just feel so much safer now?

This will be short and sweet, as the irony is just too oppressive at the moment.

Trillions of dollars spent.  Thousands of American lives and just as importantly, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghan lives spent.  Corporate profits off the scale.  War waged specifically for these profits and the easy access to oil.  

This shit has backfired in the face of our criminal administration beyond anything they could possibly have ever in their entire evil lives considered.  WELL….

Except for the important part.  Corporate profits off the scale.

Let’s have a look.  From CNN:

Karzai escapes deadly Taliban attack on parade

Taliban militants opened fire at a military ceremony in the capital Sunday morning. A tribal leader and 10-year-old child were killed, but President Hamid Karzai escaped unhurt, according to a statement from Karzai’s office.

Do you feel safer now?

The attack also wounded more than 12 people, including two members of parliament, a Health Ministry official said.

The attack occurred at a Mujahedeen Day ceremony, observing the anniversary of Afghanistan’s victory against the Soviet Union, which invaded the country in 1979.

Small arms fire erupted as a military band played the Afghan national anthem and as soldiers fired a 21-gun salute with artillery rounds.

The people standing did not react for several seconds, but security guards shielded Karzai and whisked him away from the reviewing stand. Other dignitaries quickly scrambled to safety.

Do you feel safer NOW?

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mojahed issued a statement, claiming responsibility.

“Six of our Fedayeen martyrs entered to the stadium for the ceremony. They were heavily armed with mortars and machine guns. This was an organized attack. When the national anthem started they started the attack. Three were killed and three have survived,” the statement said.

The Taliban also claimed its fighters got within 30 yards of the stand where Karzai and other dignitaries were standing. A diplomatic source said a mortar round landed near the stand.

I don’t feel safer.  I do feel like we can do nothing more important with our time than to make sure that the criminals that brought us this parody of patriotism should be brought before an international court and tried for crimes against humanity.


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    • brobin on April 27, 2008 at 15:29


    • Benny on April 27, 2008 at 21:47

    with a progressive Congress would ease my concerns.  

  1. Some retarded homeboy security/northcomm military “readyness drills”.  Google keyword NLE 2-08.

    Ya, we have to practice harassing civilians don’t you know.

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