Democrats Are Soft On Terror

The five words that have allowed the Terrorists to win. America has been terrorized since September the Eleventh, 2001. Terrorized by a small group of men and their accomplices intent on destroying America, on destroying the American way of life. A group of men who truly do hate us for our freedoms….and who seek to destroy them. Not only are they attacking our way of life and our freedom, they are attacking us financially as well, attempting to bankrupt us. Their attacks are  destroying our military, crippling it and leaving us defenseless.  They are attacking our citizens here at home, depriving them of much needed resources. They are preventing us from rebuilding on of our major cities that has been destroyed. They are spying on us to make sure we don’t try to defeat their plans.

We have been reduced to a fearful, cowering nation by these men.

And it is the Democrats in Congress that have allowed it. By not holding them accountable for their crimes and Terrorist activities. Democrats Are Soft On Terror.




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  1. Photobucket

    • brobin on April 3, 2008 at 20:22

    doesn’t look intelligent enough to tie his shoe laces, let alone run the game of Three Card Monte that brought a prosperous and once proud country to it knees.

    Yes, looks can be very deceiving.

  2. Remove the drunken teenager’s hands from the wheel.

    Down with the idiot dauphin and les eminences grises!

    Down with the collaborators who enable their imperial schemes!

    Being president is easy. All you have to do is point the army and shoot!           —Homer Simpson

  3. just like the media…

    2 groups of people whose jobs have become perpetuating their own employment, NOT doing their jobs….

    by the way….how YOU doin???

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