Breaking: New Article On Torture at Guantanamo

Via Raw Story

Top Bush Administration officials pressured underlings to use torture tactics at Guantanamo

Of Guantanamo interrogators: “You could almost see their dicks getting hard as they got new ideas.”

“Torture at Guantanamo was sanctioned by the most senior advisers to the president, the vice president, and the secretary of defense, according to the international lawyer and professor of law at University College London Philippe Sands, who has conducted a forensic examination of the chain of command leading from the top of the administration to the camp at Guantánamo,” Vanity Fair will report on newstands today.

The article directly contradicts the administration’s account to Congress, which placed responsibility on military commanders and interrogators on the ground for the practices banned by the Geneva Conventions.

Raw Story has an excerpt, go read.


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    • nocatz on April 2, 2008 at 20:49

    if Tommy Franks said Feith was the fucking stupidest man on the planet, what does that make Myers?

    According to Sands, Feith’s arguments were so clever that General Richard Myers, joint chiefs chairman, continued to believe that Geneva’s protection remained in force, and was “well and truly hoodwinked,” a seasoned observer of military affairs tells Sands.

    Especially since the whole DFH blogosphere was calling BULLSHIT on this almost immediately.

    • OPOL on April 2, 2008 at 20:55

    but JUSTICE is even better.  We need to prosecute these monsters and hold them accountable.

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