An Iraqi Gives His Side

Let me get this straight, we invaded a Country for No Reason At All, or if you are to believe the civilian and some military leadership a Number of Reasons that Kept Changing!

We’re now into the Sixth Year and We’re Training{?} a new Iraq Military Force as well as a Police Force!  

Well lets hear, once again, the Iraqi side,

Desertion or a Break? An Iraqi Gives His Side

He was not deserting his men, the Iraqi Army captain insisted Wednesday. He had left his 70 soldiers in the midst of a battle in Sadr City the day before to take his long-overdue three-day break.

Hey everyone needs abit of R&R in the heat of battle, in ones own country, against ones own people, which probably played more into it than just a long-overdue break.

He had not been paid in two months and was overwhelmed by the problems of commanding his company, part of the 1st Brigade, 11th Iraqi Army Division. He was considering not going back to the fight in Sadr City.

Not Paid? Who’s running this Debacle, the one who thinks he’s the Greatest CEO ever to come along? Sounds like thw way he ran his other businesses, All His Life, that daddies friends had to keep bailing him out of.

I’d take more than a Break if I didn’t get paid, I’d send my resume to the competition, seems they’re getting better funding or at least better with the capital they got.

On the phone they had read a roster of names of the men in his battalion. “I don’t even have access to that,” he said. “They could only have gotten it from my senior commanders.

“Our senior officials, they are thieves,” he said.

Hey maybe We Are Training them right, at least at the civilian and military leadership positions!

“The Mahdi Army, they have much better equipment than we do.”

He said most of his men had only two 30-round ammunition magazines each, magazines that sell for less than $12 on the streets of Baghdad.

“During the battle, my soldiers’ bullets are finished and they have to stop fighting,” he said. While the militia has mortars, rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine guns, he said, “Three of my six machine guns are not working, and I have no mortars.”

Lesson of Occupation: Train, but don’t supply, a countries, you invaded, forces, so you can keep your own forces in place to kill and be killed while leadership and supply contractors reap Huge Contracts with Huge Bottom Lines of Profit!

“Most of my soldiers have family inside Sadr City,” he said. “Their tribes and cousins and relatives are there. They can’t fight in Sadr City.”

Lesson two: Kill and Maim tens of thousands of the innocent citizens of the country occupied than tell citizens of same they now Must Fight Against Each Other while Puppet Government, set up by occupiers, Reap their share of the Blood Money!

Everyones ‘Happy’ but the Citizens of the Country who now Live their daily lives in Death, Destruction,Homeless, Families Destroyed, Neighbors Destroyed, Neighborhoods Destroyed and Walled In, Culture and Country Destroyed, Innocence Destroyed,……………………………………………………………!!!

Oh, and Torture anyone you wish, creating the Growing Hatreds of the Past Failed Policies around this planet, Towards Us!


    • jimstaro on April 17, 2008 at 13:07

    And you might want to read this:

    Bush Defense Secretary Admits 9/11 Was Blowback

    “We were attacked from Afghanistan in 2001, and we are at war in Afghanistan today, in no small measure because of mistakes this government made–mistakes I among others made in the end game of the anti-Soviet war there some 20 years ago.”

  1. The US & Iraqi troops (and the people of Iraq and the US)–all being maneuvered, manipulated, and sold out by their “leadership”.  It is so damnably frustrating to be watching this slow motion train wreck destroy so many lives and two or more countries as well.  

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