Afraid of Reality

We live in a time, far from unique in human history, in which the “leaders” of our society simply cannot bring themselves to face reality. Two examples:

Via Crooks and Liars

Turley:”…It’s really amazing, Congress, including the Democrats, have avoided any type of investigation into torture because they do not want to deal with the fact that the president ordered war crimes. But, evidence keeps on coming out. The only thing we don’t have is a group picture with a detainee attached to electrical wires.”

Via stormchaser

The scientists investigated how much climate changes as a result of each individual emission of carbon dioxide, and found that each increment of emission leads to another increment of warming.[…] With emissions set to zero in the simulations, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere slowly fell as carbon “sinks” such as the oceans and land vegetation absorbed the gas. Surprisingly, however, the model predicted that global temperatures would remain high for at least 500 years after carbon dioxide emissions ceased.


Matthews and Caldeira found that to prevent the Earth from heating further, carbon dioxide emissions would, effectively, need to be eliminated.

….it is difficult when an entire world’s transportation and financial system is built upon fossil fuels. This includes the hungry populations of emerging nations like China and India that want their chance at the riches the West has enjoyed since the 1950’s.

And of course, The Big One

The making of aggressive wars is a crime according to the Nuremburg Trials. Since it is nearly accepted fact now that Bushco manufactured the evidence to go to war with Iraq, that means that there was in fact no acceptable reason or justification according to any laws or conventions for the invasion, it was clearly a war of aggression. Below are the crimes cited by the military tribunal for the Nuremburg Trials:



   The Tribunal established by the Agreement referred to in Article 1 hereof for the trial and punishment of the major war criminals of the European Axis countries shall have the power to try and punish persons who, acting in the interests of the European Axis countries, whether as individuals or as members of organizations, committed any of the following crimes.

   The following acts, or any of them, are crimes coming within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal for which there shall be individual responsibility:

   (a) Crimes against Peace: namely, planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression, or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances, or participation in a Common Plan or Conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the foregoing;

   (b) War Crimes: namely, violations of the laws or customs of war. Such violations shall include, but not be limited to, murder, ill-treatment or deportation to slave labor or for any other purpose of civilian population of or in occupied territory, murder or ill-treatment of prisoners of war or persons on the seas, killing of hostages, plunder of public or private property, wanton destruction of cities, towns, or villages, or devastation not justified by military necessity;

   (c) Crimes against Humanity: namely, murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation, and other inhumane acts committed against any civilian population, before or during the war,14 or persecutions on political, racial, or religious grounds in execution of or in connection with any crime within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal, whether or not in violation of domestic law of the country where perpetrated.

   Leaders, organizers, instigators, and accomplices participating in the formulation or execution of a Common Plan or Conspiracy to commit any of the foregoing crimes are responsible for all acts performed by any persons in execution of such plan.

Congress won’t face these realities, the Presidential candidates won’t face these realities, the media won’t face these realities. And since the media won’t face them, they don’t report on them. Thus The People as a whole are in effect prevented from facing these realities. Even if they knew, the best they could do is clamor for their leaders to ‘do something.’ Which they won’t, because they are afraid.

Afraid of criticism. The criticism of the media, and their colleagues. Afraid to rock the boat. Afraid to stand up and address reality for fear of being called “crazy.” For fear of being “not taken seriously” For fear of being shunned or marginalized for not “going along” with the agreed upon “reality.” Afraid to tell the truth. Afraid of reality.

The result is ….a consensual fantasy.

In which we are all forced to live…..while people are tortured and killed and the atmosphere we breathe is steadily and increasingly poisoned.

If we do nothing else on the blogs let it at least be said that we did face reality. That there was someone pointing at a naked Emperor and his Court of Fools and…..yelling.

Whether or not this nascent medium of expression turns into something greater, perhaps a vehicle for the voice of The People of the world to exert power over their leaders by holding them accountable and holding their feet to the flames of truth…and finding better leaders….we can at least salve our conscience with the fact that we were here and spoke out. Even if no one listened.

But they are listening, and reality is starting to penetrate the fog of the consensual fantasy. And now that the Mighty Wurlitzer of Republican propaganda is running out of air, it is even more important to raise our voices. To bring what influence we can to bear through our voices and numbers.

Sooner or later the primary pon farr will be over. Then the blogs can get back to what they do best. Challenging the consensual fantasy of our “leaders,” both in the media and in politics. Educating The People as to what the realities we face actually are. Making sure the Republican Reign of Terror is defeated.


And doing the hard slogging day to day work of facing the realities of the world we live in and the thankless work of getting our fellow humans and our leaders to stop being afraid and face ….and perhaps even solve….the grim realities we face.


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  1. Wow that published waay early!

    Or my clock is off again.

    Or something.

    Clever tip jar picture:


    • brobin on April 4, 2008 at 8:07 pm

    More than 80 percent of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, the highest such number since the early 1990s, according to a new survey.

    Not that this will undo all the shit that has been done, but the Neo-Con Wurlitzer is grinding to a halt now and people are beginning to take notice of the fact that the were duped by these assholes.

    Its about damned time.

  2. build a wall around the rain forest rather than along the

    Mexican border??  Do people not understand that when the

    rain forest is gone it’s gone forever??  

    Arrr – there are just so many problems to fix, how do we even

    decide where to start?  Oh wait, how about picking one and

    starting there!  Because as it is right now we soon won’t have

    any air to breathe which won’t matter much because we won’t

    have a free country left.  Unless and until the dems decide

    to suck it up and start punishing all of those responsible

    for invading another country, well, I just don’t hold out

    much hope for us.  Of course if we don’t have a working

    constitution none of this will matter much, will it…

  3. a building block of this administration. It is so very inconvenient.

    Americans are starting to experience some unpleasant economic realities, will they chose to hear some truthiness from the next president if he/she is a Dem? Things got ugly and they ran to Reagan pretty quickly. Much though it unhinges me to think of a McCain administration, his entirely manufactured “maverick” image might have appeal.

    He doesn’t know much about economics so he won’t do anything which to a certain extent plays into the idea we can keep going along as is. If we just shut out eyes the recession will go away.

    I want to think Americans do want the truth but I have been burned on that naiveté before.

  4. yell louder…………………….

    it strikes me that it’s like trying to find life on other planets.

    here’s proof that there are lots lots lots of us out there… we are NOT alone.





    this had 1/4 million views…

    over 1.5 million views

    almost 1 million views

    this is a v.v.v. good one on health care, only 13 views…

  5. Great term to describe the Democratic Party.  No spine leads to no brain–all responsible government was taken “off the table.”  I have no party that represents me–no standard bearer in the political arena.  Edwards was more than acceptable, and thus, marginalized.  Obama looks new, but talks old.  Hillary has better positions but is shrill.  McCain is an accessory to major war crimes.

    I will vote blue in November with the realization that my choice isn’t my choice—again.

  6. What your describing is mass mental illness……

    And it cannot but effect everyone one of us whether you “blog” or not.

    You cannot leave in a sea of illusion and not be affected by it.

    It is absolute madness what is going all throughout the world. But it all started here with a big push from America.

    Why on Earth then would anyone vote for people Like Clinton, Obama or McCain who openly accept and promote the illusions….

    You just cannot vote for these people and call yourself sane….I think their presence shows how deep the illusion is and that Bush is not the cause of the illusions …but a product of them….

    Yes, the world has been quite mad, it continues to be…but now the edge of the cliff is very near ….and it appears to me to be FAR TOO LATE….

    In a situation like this…you have to start screaming and yelling and flailing your arms wildly…..

    Enough with “framing” and positioning….

    START’s your only hope!

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