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War Pigs

Ever wonder why America keep fighting wars against nations and things that pose us no real threat?

Here’s a good answer to why. Congress is heavily invested in the war industry. According to the Center for Responsive Politics as reported by the AP, “Members of Congress have as much as $196 million collectively invested in companies doing business with the Defense Department, earning millions since the onset of the Iraq war”.

The bastards who vote to send our friends and family members to go to die. The bastards that squander our money on missiles and guns. Are the very same bastards that profit from war. The members of Congress have a huge conflict of interest when the decide how our taxes are spent.  

In a parallel universe, Hillary says Feingold can’t win

I have been searching for a way to convey to Clinton supporters how offensive her attempts to change the topic from the Tuzla Fables to the Wright sermons ever since the former undercut her campaign.  If fanning the flames of white racial resentment against Blacks is her only path to victory, she has no path to victory.  It has struck me the old consciousness-raising technique of recasting acts based on race, gender, sexuality or religion as if they reflected one of the other dimensions of difference, may shed some new light here.  Being a Jew who originally wanted Russ Feingold to run for President (despite some misgivings about his electability), it occurred to me that we can examine the legitimacy her actions are by imagining how they might translate to a situation where religion, not race, was the concern.

Join me, then, in the parallel universe where it is Russ Feingold rather than Barack Obama who won Iowa, drove John Edwards out of the race, and now had an insurmountable pledged delegate lead over Hillary Clinton.

In this universe, controversial sermons from Feingold’s rabbi have recently come to light.  How might the Clinton campaign respond?

Liberal bloggers are wasting their precious lives.

Unless you’re a part of something bigger, you’re one more screamer in the wilderness who is not being heard.

All your heart-felt writings are having a negligible effect. The politicians are ignoring you because you’re not part of something big enough to stop them.

The last big thing you were a part of has sold out. He was entitled to sell out because it was his vanity blog which we wasted our precious time on. He chose to pull the rug out from under our impeachment efforts. It was our mistake because we had no rights there. We were drawn because we were so hungry for some attention from our corrupt “representatives” that we forgot the value of our own attention.

Pony Partially Planned Movement

I have once again been seduced (gently, pleasantly, lovingly, with only a playfull spanking) into filling in for RiaD, who is recovering from an illness, probably not this one:

New and deadly viruses passed through sweet food and domestic animals


and who is well enough to do a Writing In The Raw, which will be posted in a couple hours, but not well enough to do her regularly scheduled Party.

So, put on a Air Filter Face Mask


hang out if you like and show RiaD what fun she missed messing with her writing stuff, then go to the Front Page where people have been kicking ass with great skill and virtuosity.


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