California is FINALLY getting it!!  

CA to build wind transmission lines!!!

Construction on the biggest U.S. transmission project largely for wind energy has begun, utility Southern California Edison said on Friday.

The Tehachapi Renewal Transmission Project aims to take wind power produced in a remote area called Tehachapi in Southern California to power customers all over the state through the state power grid.

If the full project is finished by 2013 as planned, it will be capable of carrying 4,500 megawatts of electricity, much of it from turbines in the windy Tehachapi area of northern Los Angeles County and eastern Kern County. That is enough power to serve about 3 million California homes, said Southern California Edison, a subsidiary of Edison International.

This is where it is at folks!!! This is such great news because FINALLY they are realizing “Hey we can send the wind energy ANYWHERE..”

Sure it will be expensive, several billion to complete but if we weren’t BLOWING UP IRAQ for no reason we could do a lot more of this!!



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  1. this ooold wapo article glosses over the minutiae we’re living with here…the debate has been broiling and no real progress has been made….yet…

    its coming down to whether we should be outsourcing to the nj firm and buying the energy, or building a wind farm, which is being politically framed in a public-works light…but would require a 25-year commitment from the power co to ‘mortgage’ the construction and make it viable…which is being opposed…

    im still digging a lot of the details as i plan to essay it in the future…

  2. We have a growing industry in Iowa for wind energy too, and now ranks third behind California and Texas in wind energy production.

    And it’s a little nostalgic for us former farm boys — I grew up seeing windmills on family farms being torn down.  Now local farmers can supplement their income by leasing their land for wind turbines.  

  3. I had an actual dream (falling asleep and then waking up afterwards) in around 1974 that I went to San Francisco (I was living in Santa Cruz at the time), and everything there–everything, from the cable cars to the lights in the buildings–was being powered by solar, wind, and water power.  Now, in a few years, it might be literally true!


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