The Focus of the Fittest

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I have been neglecting you lately here, but I have picked up a few odd jobs the last few weeks, and my blogging time is seriously limited. I wrote this Saturday, so I hope you don’t mind left overs 🙂


Wherein Diane Ponders about the Focus of Electoral Politics.

I miss the Iraq Grief Diaries. How quickly we forget these things, the soul-wrenching Truths that once bound us together.  We were once united trying to stop these atrocities.

Hardly anyone talks about the War anymore, even with the breaking of the Pentagon Papers admitting we knew there were no wmd’s and NO al queda connection.

They sure broke that story at the right time, huh?

Yeah, no one was listening for the most part.

But they are listening to everyone else.

I remember a time when we were United, enraged over Illegal Spying and Wiretapping in this country.

A few, like an NPR report I heard questioned the data-mining that caught a NY Governor using a call-girl’s services.

So instead, they focus on how much he paid, and how she looks, and no one asks who the other 300 numbers on her phone list were, and if it was a legal search in the first place.

To the delight of the Right, we on the left spend our days grinding glass to sand over the words of bit-players in campaigns and quibbling about Race.

Nothing divides like a good Race argument, nothing divides like sanctimonious denouncing of other’s ill-spoken words.

It sure keeps us from talking about the issues.

A Pastor said “God Damn America” irrelevant words spoken with anger and hurt.  So what? He has no power. But as we micro-dissect that we forget that a person WITH Power damned something much more valuable… the thing that once made us “America” in the first place.

So why are we not focused on asking those vying for our support just what the fuck they intend to do about restoring it?

I remember when we were united by our universal utter revulsion at the fact we torture, we detain without charge, habeas corpus was lost and we were monsters in a world in which we were supposed to be moral and leaders.

Appalled, we were by images like this, appalled that we would treat humans like this:

If either Candidate wants to denounce something publicly, this would be the thing to denounce.

We are so easily diverted. My attention, too has been diverted by the minutia of Game Show Contestant Politics, and the people who love them.

Of course, I was always an outsider at the water cooler when the topic of the day was “Who got voted off the Island last night on ‘Survivor’?”

But still, I started a series on Water Wars, and never finished it, so unfocused I became with the hoopla.

Remember when we talked about Global Warming and the fresh water crisis? Shit, the last time I talked about water of any kind, it was whether or not Clinton’s tears were genuine.

Talk about irrelevant to the scheme of things.

I really don’t have a point, I guess.

I am not blaming you any more than I blame myself.

I just am disillusioned, for prior to this cycle, I had thought, dreamed, dared to hope that these real issues would be addressed. Addressed, perchance, by those hoping to gain our votes and restore to pristine the damages done in these last 8 years.

As someone said yesterday “You can lead a horse to the bar… but the bartender will inevitably say…”

I don’t know how to make my dream come true.

I guess thats why it was only a dream.

We would all be united, heard and someone, some candidate would actually address the REAL issues, the Damage Done.

That some one would speak for us. That we would all be joyful.


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    • Diane G on March 17, 2008 at 6:23 pm

    I miss you. Its hard enough trying to pop& write in my own blog, these days….LOL


  1. of holding this administration accountable.

    The last time I Hoped for Change, the newly elected (and everyone else) took it literal and passed a bill that gave us a handful of change.

    That was it.

    • KrisC on March 17, 2008 at 11:20 pm


    I don’t know how to make my dreams come true.

    …very raw and honest.

    I don’t know either….but it doesn’t mean you get to give them up.  The dream is what keeps ‘it’ all together, life, family, friends…whatever that dream may be.

    Even people whom find themselves in the middle of a war zone have dreams, dreams of one day living in peace, of having a home to go to, of being with friends they miss….

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, whether or not those dreams  are ever fulfilled doesn’t really matter, it’s in holding those dreams in one’s heart.

    These past 8 years have been very difficult, very traumatizing.  We all feel a sense of overwhelming ‘shock & awe’ perpetually being pelted at us, day in and day out… it’s easy to loose sight of what’s important to ‘us’, in our own lives.  The dream gets pushed out of the way….

    It’s good to see you, DianeW!

    Brilliant Diary!

  2. You just presented better than I would have. Apparently we are in the era of “post issue” presidential politics.

    • JayV on March 18, 2008 at 3:25 am

    New here (just registered). Edger over at Edgeing and founder of the Out of Iraq Bloggers Caucus (I’m a member) suggested I check out Docudharma. Diane W, thanks for this thoughtful post.  

  3. is the sock puppet…………..

    bread and circuses…….

    • Diane G on March 18, 2008 at 10:48 am

    promotion, undercovercalico. I’m honored.

    I just get so frustrated that we bloggers are the only ones speaking still of the hard things. The truths we were promised would be addressed when we took those seats in ’06, and we prayed would be stymied in ’08.

    The Media and the Candidates sure aren’t addressing them.


  4. Deals extensively with the power of the thoughts we have, in creating the reality that we experience. It is not only the positive affirmations that are important, it is also equally, and possibily more, important to not let doubt counteract the positive thinking that is done. Even in the face of such seeming defeat as the 110th Congress, remaining upbeat and energized is so important.

    Simplistic, I know, for all here to hear, but it needs to be said, primarily for no other reason than I need to hear it, and practise it myself.

  5. Thanks Diane for doing this and I hope you’re doing well.

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