The Dark Side

Lets see Saddam, even though we installed and supported him, Had To Go. Because he Arrested the Innocent and his ‘Henchmen’ Tortured and Killed many of those arrested, as well as Killing and Maiming Tens of Thousands of Iraqi’s. Those are only a Couple of the many ‘Nobel Cause’ Reasons for the Righteousness of Invading, Destroying, and Occupying Iraq for our National Security!

But the true subject of the movie is the mentality and the atmosphere that produced sadistic conduct, both at Bagram and at Guantánamo

We are a country that speaks on principle, morality, religious ideologies of Human Caring and Rights, the shining house on the hill that condemns others to shame on their actions!

and such figures as John Yoo, the Department of Justice attorney who redefined the practices permitted by the Bush Administration in such a way that they couldn’t be deemed war crimes

We are a country of Law that holds those Responsible that Break the Laws of this Land and on the World Stage!

The prisoners-cut off from any possible counsel, harassed, stripped, hooded, bound, and, in many cases, threatened with attack dogs or abused physically-were locked into a system of punishment before any guilt was established

We are a country that Treats others as we wish them to Treat our own, giving us the right to Condemn others for their Immorality against fellow Human Beings!

It is not known why Dilawar was accused, but, as his tormentors admit, it became clear before the end of the interrogation-during which he was hung up by his arms and repeatedly struck on the legs-that he was innocent. They kept hitting him, however. They all took turns.

The New Yorker Review Above

Taxi to the Darkside – The Movie

Above, and below, is Now the Ideology of this Country as seen and understood by others on this planet, National Security Was Never A Factor, No more!

Creating Enemies with more Hatreds and want for Retribution is more apt, Perpetual Conflict!


The woman behind the camera at Abu Ghraib

All that the soldiers of the 372nd Military Police Company, a Reserve unit out of Cresaptown, Maryland, knew about America’s biggest military prison in Iraq, when they arrived there in early October of 2003, was that it was on the front lines. Its official name was Forward Operating Base Abu Ghraib. Never mind that military doctrine and the Geneva Conventions forbid holding prisoners in a combat zone, and require that they be sped to the rear; you had to make the opposite sort of journey to get to Abu Ghraib. You had to travel along some of the deadliest roads in the country, constantly bombed and frequently ambushed, into the Sunni Triangle. The prison squatted on the desert, a wall of sheer concrete traced with barbed wire, picketed by watchtowers. “Like something from a Mad Max movie,” Sergeant Javal Davis, of the 372nd, said. “Just like that-like, medieval.” There were more than two and a half miles of wall with twenty-four towers, enclosing two hundred and eighty acres of prison ground. And inside, Davis said, “it’s nothing but rubble, blown-up buildings, dogs running all over the place, rabid dogs, burnt remains. The stench was unbearable: urine, feces, body rot.”


This countries policies have never been perfect, now what went on somewhat quietly is completely out in the open!

Never again will we find a need to ask, “Why do others Hate us So?”, the answer has come out into the open, Finally!!

” Every war, when viewed from the undistorted perspective of life’s sanctity, is a “civil war” waged by humanity against itself.”

Daisaku Ikeda

No Accountibility, No Democracy, No Constitution, No Country!!!!