‘The American President Americans have been waiting for’

This new ad by McCain seems to imply that the other candidates are not American, somehow.

The voice-over is very dark, insistent and nearly foreboding in tone.

A quick dive into it, the implied contrasts here give a clue to the tone of this campaign.

“That she [America] is worth protecting, it’s people, honorable”

The implied smears against Barack Obama are loaded up, and ready to go. If we think we’ve seen nasty so far, just wait “my friends”. We’ll be swimming in innuendo up to our eyeballs.

But it’s that tone, the announcer’s voice that drives home the implications that ‘there’s something not right with the other candidates’.

The announcer in this ad, Powers Boothe played Jim Jones in the story about Guyana, in the made for TeeVee movie in 1980.  


Yes, there are degrees of separation here, but somehow it seems fitting in a way this guy who made his mark in Hollywood portraying an insane cult leader who led over 900 people to kill themselves should be doing voice overs for McCain.

One other thing about the announcer; he seems to think that getting an Emmy is more important than honoring a SAG union strike line


Fascinating, what’s behind the scenes at these ads at times, ain’t it?  


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    • shpilk on March 29, 2008 at 2:11 am

    more than content. I think this ad is just a warm up, a preview to the hell that is going to break loose.

    • nocatz on March 29, 2008 at 2:46 am

    I’m voting McCain!

  1. tells me the semiconductor industry is pulling out of China.  Reason?  Too expensive!  The new “hot spots” are Vietnam and Thailand.




    Then of course we have this issue.


    Some don’t think US Veterans should be allowed to have guns, never mind the world’s largest nuclear arsenal.

  2. Crossing pickets lines without compunction.

    Owning the Jim Jones character.

    But, talk about playing to type, the guy was cast by Oliver Stone to play Alexander Haig in “NIXON.”  

    No wonder he caught the eye of the McCain campaign.

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