St McCain and the Dragon

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Some days in the Blogging trade, you are trying to think of a way to make a point….only to surf around and find it has already been made for you. Today on Daily Kos, dday and Georgia10 pretty much nail it, especially when taken in tandem. dday points out in HEY! Hundreds of American soldiers are going to die that The Surge’s “success” has, in reality, had nearly nothing to do with the surge but with internal Iraqi factional politics.

And Georgia10 asks the most pertinent question of the entire campaign: Will The Media Finally Report That The Surge Has Failed?

The centerpiece of John McCain’s campaign is that “the surge is working” in Iraq.  He has repeated this lie  hundreds of times on the trail, and in doing so, he has rarely been challenged.  The press has largely reported his contention as fact, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

The surge, the president’s “New Way Forward,” was supposed to provide stability, promote political progress, and otherwise assist the Iraqi government in meeting certain benchmarks.  As to those expressed goals, the surge has, by any measure, failed.

She concludes

If what we wish never happens occurs — that is, if the violence in Iraq continues to rise after such a positive downtrend — will the media finally report that the surge has failed?  Regardless of the level of violence, will the press admit that the escalation has failed to bring about the promised political progress? Or will they, in typical, stenographic fashion, allow John McCain to repeat the lie that has become the cornerstone of his candidacy?

McCain represents the latest, and hopefully last the last face of Hawkish, War Mongering, Republican Cold Warriors. A black and white mindset hat has no place into todays complex, interdependent web of world affairs. Good vs. Evil, Christian vs Infidel, win at any cost….even if you have to Nuke ’em back to the Stone Age. The kind of mindless, unthinking crap the Merde Stream Media eats up with a spoon….because they want to be Maco Maverick Action Figures just like St. John.  Even though that is a myth that they themselves have made up and perpetuated.

We are long past the days of a Lone Wolf Maverick Knight riding out to slay dragons. We are. The world is. But the Jingoistic Juvenile American mindset still resonates to that myth, a myth that must be destroyed if we are ever going to have peace.


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    • WSComn on March 26, 2008 at 7:26 pm

    The surge is working…

    The surge be working…

    The surg a wurkin’…

    Da surf wurkin…

    Surg wurk…



    Ur…A hurdert yurs!!!!!!

    McCain…what a maroon!

  2. … but it really bothers me, the whole reality of the “surge.”  I remember reading somewhere that Petreus was very brutal in the way he fought in Iraq and that was one of the reasons Bush put him in charge of the surge.

    When I think about it, how we use massive air power, bombing the country so often, the collateral damage must be astounding, so many killed, how many innocents killed that the military call “insurgents” or “terrorists.”

    How brutal has Petreus been?  And how will we ever find out?

    • Mu on March 26, 2008 at 9:02 pm

    In a soldier’s words: 4,000 dead ‘is too great to grasp even for us’.

    Go to this story and recommend it.  Let (at least Yahoo and Time know that people care about this; people not Republicans).

    And “Thank you” buhdydharma and Docudharma for this, a story that really matters.

    Mu . . .

    • Edger on March 28, 2008 at 5:08 pm

    How’d that noose get up over his head? Is it on the way down, or did he slip out?

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