Pony Party, NFL Withdrawal

The Eagles signed Asante Samuel, which is good….but cut Jevon Kearse…which sucks!!  I dug that kid…


  1. today would have been the 20th birthday of the boy who died driving the car in ‘the accident’ i type so much about.  in a weird twist, his birthday was 3/3, and the other boy who died was born on 5/5.  then, 9 months later, another kid my daughter had gone to school with committed suicide…and his birthday was 9/9.  its a little creepy….especially for our good friend…also the same age as the 3 deceased, who was born on 10/10.

    i tried like hell to hold ‘thing 1’ in until 8/8, cause her b-day would have been 8/8/88.  she insisted on being born 9 days before that, though..  

    so im thinking of the samuel signing as a birthday present for jon…he would have been excited about that…

    • H2D on March 4, 2008 at 7:26 am

    Speak for yourself!

    Some of us are still celebrating –





    I’m counting down the days until real football begins again, though – I’m already making plans to celebrate the Rutgers Scarlet Knights’ impending Perfect Season and National Championship…


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