Pony Party: I’m FIRED!

It seems that I really have a case of the Mondays: I forgot to post my Monday morning Pony Party. Sorry! But I worked all weekend, so I have an excuse, right? Right?

… Or will I be fired from the Monday 9 am time slot? Bring on the boiling brine!

And I have a conflict during my 3 pm time slot, at least for the next 6 weeks.

::Sigh:: What’s a poor, pathetic pickle to do?

Anyway, I hope y’all are doing well. It’s raining pooches and pooties here in Vancouver. That’s not helping my mood much. But, at least the days are getting longer!


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  1. I love rain and I love the rain in the Pacific NW. But sometimes, it does get overwhelming. The thing I miss the most about rain is thunderstorms… they are few and far between in the PacNW.

    Cheer-up Pickle, here are The Beatles singing about Rain…

  2. Is that why you aren’t emitting magic rays of pickleness?

    Don’t feel bad. I find it hard to come up with three interesting ideas for each Saturday. Maybe that is why they often aren’t interesting!

  3. Probably one of my most favorite songs…

  4. I really want to get another tattoo…..

    I love the french poster/cafe style art from the 1900’s to 1920’s and I love this poster by Theophile Alexandre Steinlen…

    I think I want it on my back….


  5. Haven’t seen this in a loooooong time.

  6. I was still logged in as Turing Test. So everyone got ponies from Turing Test!  

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