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Ek’s last article (#54) yesterday morning prompted this runawaytrain of thought…

Humans, scientists in particular, seem to me to show great arrogance believing we are the top of the evolutionary chain… that we have evolved the farthest. Many even seem to think we are the only planet with life… ah, but that is for another discussion. For now, lets just stick to the monkey article

Now for the first time, scientists reveal a primate other than humans can also express a variety of messages by combining sounds into different sequences. The finding suggests this level of language might have occurred far earlier in evolution than before thought.

I just have to say… Duh-huh!

Of course they speak & have words! So do dogs. And cats. And lions. And polar bears. And whales.

Do these guys not have pets?? Yeah, none of those are primates, but if they communicate verbally wouldn’t it stand to reason that monkeys do too?

It is human arrogance to believe we are the only ones who communicate verbally. I believe many animals are in some sense smarter than we… Dolphins have their own language and some of them have become bi-lingual with humans… So have parrots…

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O &… Please don’t rec the pony party, another will trot up in a few hours.



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    • RiaD on March 13, 2008 at 11:24 pm

    • pfiore8 on March 13, 2008 at 11:28 pm

    cause even a dog can do that…

    • RiaD on March 13, 2008 at 11:29 pm

    my pony was delivered today!

    O~ and the seeds were cool too

  1. Called, ” The Emotional Lives Of Animals”, by Marc Bekoff in which he argues that animals can in fact express and act upon the so called “higher human emotions” like grief and altruism. Fascinating.

    Oh. I booked my tattoo for tomorrow. Don’t know if I can do pictures since I am the subject. I am a little nervous. I am bringing a friend for emotional support.

  2. I notice when I post comments that the time stamp attached is 14 minutes ahead of my clock.

    Does Docudharma exist in an alternate plane of the space-time continuum that is 14 minutes ahead of my reality?

    I’m posting this comment at exactly 20:00:00 CDT as a test.

  3. late, but tits ass, reminded me of Zappa for some reason

  4. …think it’s the popular press that believes in orthogenesis, the idea that it’s all a directed ladder, the natura scala.  Evolution is more like, shit happens, and shit makes patterns, and patterns make more patterns (interacting with other, similar patterns), and here we are; neither above nor below anything at all.  

  5. the subtleties of shit flinging are under appreciated.

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