Pony 6-month Blogiversary Party

pony games


Congratulations to all Dharmaniacs!

We passed a landmark 100,000 comments just a few days ago.  

Now we are setting our sights on Page View 2,000,000

As of yesterday (3/11) we were at 1,750,000.  Keep clicking people!  Another few weeks to go.

RiaD brought the drinks last time. Drinks are on me today!

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And Pony cake!

The Cake Cow

Now for some presents!  

What do you get a blog for it’s 6-month anniversary?

Pony Car



How about?



OK – the bar is open.  Let’s get this party started!  And what the hell, y’all can Rec this if you want to.  It’s your blog too!


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  1. Symbol of American indulgence.

    Say… I hear a rumor the men have to buy all the women drinks…. Pony party girls are worth it aren’t they?

    The one woman in your first pictures seems to be gazing with rapt adoration at her horse. Hmmmm. Will not go there.

  2. Our office is undergoing some construction and most everyone left because of the noise.   I can blog freely.  

    Should we start a pool on what date we reach 2,000,000?

    • RiaD on March 13, 2008 at 00:42

    sorry i’m late!

    i was putting on the finishing touches….

    i’ll have one of those in the coconut please!

    spring flowers cake

    • nocatz on March 13, 2008 at 02:01




    • nocatz on March 13, 2008 at 02:50



  3. and hugs and kisses to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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