No More Excuses

Dear Eliot Spitzer, Lefty Blogsphere, and Democrats:

I’m no longer willing to tolerate this from people in office.

i’m not talking about sex. i’m talking about a guy who represented the State of New York and fought organized crime. and what… he turns around and contributes to it? is a customer and enabler of it?

not to mention: Eliot, you must be stupid. yes. stupid. why not use cash instead of complicated money transactions (if in fact that’s what happened). why compound it???? i do concede the human trafficking thing is ridiculous, since even hookers can still travel freely from place-to-place, no?

but really… how do we swallow this from a guy who fought these exact kinds of people running organized criminal operations. and he went after them like an avenging angel: no mercy at all. no, it has nothing to do with sex. but all of the corruption that attends organized crime. and that’s what he did… contribute to organized crime.

Though his signature issue was pursuing Wall Street misdeeds, as attorney general Mr. Spitzer also had prosecuted at least two prostitution rings as head of the state’s organized crime task force.

no. i don’t want a governor who is less bad. i want us to start sending a message LOUD AND CLEAR: no more of this shit. we need energy focused on our very serious problems.

no more people in office telling others how to live and talking about justice or god or patriotism or the constitution and then flaunting it in our faces. because the rules don’t apply to them.

fuck that. i’m done with that. and if i was wise enough then, i would have held Clinton to the same standards. he lied. under oath. he should have paid the same price i would have paid.

we need to level the playing field. these people are citizens. not gods. not above the law.

done. with. it. no more excuses.

time to hold ALL politicians accountable. because when we let Nixon get away with it, we sent the wrong fucking message. when we let reagan skate, we sent the wrong fucking message. when we let clinton get away with lying under oath and making excuses for him, we sent the wrong fucking message.

if we want to stop BushCo and that ilk going forward, then we need to make sure our laws and/or ethical standards are applied equally and justly to those holding political office, billionaires, theocrats, and corporatists. and when we go after the corporatists et al, let’s make sure we start putting men behind bars instead of just women (Martha and Leona come to mind… oh and Linda Bloodworth too).

god::: i’m tired of this crap.

happy 6 months docudharma!


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    • pfiore8 on March 12, 2008 at 9:04 pm

    but really, eliot, we have serious stuff to deal with

    we don’t this crap… from people who are supposed to be the good guys.

    and yes, yesterday i was dismissive of this whole thing. but the more i thought about, the angrier i became.

    stop the shit guys and gals and lets get to work saving our fucking country, m’kay?

  1. … I have a contrary view that I posted in another essay.

    I don’t care if everyone in the world hates Spitzer’s guts.  I think this has been handled badly and as a New Yorker I think I will suffer from that bad decision.

    The Dems have got to stop throwing folks overboard in these kinds of situations.  It serves no one’s interests.

    • Edger on March 12, 2008 at 10:11 pm

    Uhhhh…. you’re not pissed off at these people, are you pf8?

    I mean, they’re just the kind of regular, ordinary, everyday, run of the mill, conscienceless, morally bankrupt, greedy, backstabbing, corrupt psychos that Candi-date diaries are written in such good faith about elsewhere with the constant enjoinders to “join the system” and “work from within” the system to boot them out and replace them with the kind of regular, ordinary, everyday, run of the mill, conscienceless, morally bankrupt, greedy, backstabbing, corrupt psychos that write the Candi-date diaries, so that they too can have their turn at the trough…

    Is there a problem??

  2. Spitzer, as a politician and a former prosecutor, knew full well what he was doing was illegal and would mean the death of his political career if discovered.  He damn well should have known that his numerous enemies, including some very rich and powerful ones, would be watching his every move for any hint of illegal and/or unethical conduct.  

    His family will have to suffer because of his arrogance.  But Wall Street insiders are “gleeful” over Spitzer’s downfall-not to mention a whole lot of republicans, too.  

    While I do believe he deserves all the punishment coming his way, IMHO, there is a double standard as far as media coverage, and punishment for Democrats’ sexcapades vs. republicans’.  Craig still holds office in the Senate and is recruiting summer interns.  Vitter is still in Congress.  The NYT report about McCain’s “close” ties to a female lobbyist (& her money) were shrugged off; apparently his statement that he “did not have sex with that woman” were enough verification for the press, and everyone else.  McCain said he’s innocent, so he must be, right?  

    Sigh…I guess it all boils down to “power corrupts”…

  3. He’s a liability now. If he stays he is right wing radio fodder.

    Sneaky and stupid is not a good combination.

    Nice mixed message to send to daughters about the whole “sinner/saint” dichotomy.

    Happy six th month anniversary. What is six months on the anniversary gift list? Wet paper towels?

  4. I tend to need to spend my outrage on, the idea that a Governor paid for a little “nooky” on the side just doesn’t rate up there. I get so exhausted by the outrage, I have had to learn how to ration it a bit. Same applies to Vitter and Craig (although I get a laugh out of the bursting of the “holier than thou” bubble every now and then.)

    • OPOL on March 12, 2008 at 10:55 pm

    proportions.  I sure hate to see that in a Democrat.

    Besides, any high-profile crusading Democrat who thinks they can get away with something like this with the Repubs in control of the NSA, the CIA, and the IRS has got to have shit for brains.

  5. ask yourself WHY the story was broken NOW.  (in an ongoing investigation…and only one name leaked….hmmmmm)

    it wont matter one fig once we invade iran….  sigh  …

    • creeper on March 13, 2008 at 3:41 pm

    have been doing this from time immemorial.

    If you have some suggestion for getting them to stop, I’m all ears.

    I guess we can weed them out, one at a time, but there’s no guarantee the replacement won’t be worse.

    A better solution would be to stop criminalizing this kind of behavior.  Spitzer wouldn’t be in anywhere near as much trouble if he’d taken Kristen to Las Vegas instead of Washington.

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