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Iraq war protesters arrested at IRS headquarters

Police arrested more than a dozen people Wednesday morning who crossed a barricade and blocked entrances at the Internal Revenue Service building, the start of a day of protests marking the fifth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.


Via Docudharma! We’re going to shut down the IRS! MARCH 19, 2008 by: OPOL




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  1. THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered…..

  2. You scooped me buhdy!  I was about 30 seconds from posting this too.  WOW!  

    I watched the video but didn’t see anyone I recognized getting loaded into the police van.

    • KrisC on March 19, 2008 at 16:49

    I hope we hear from him soon!!!!

  3. I can’t wait to hear the whole story from OPOL & friends!


  4. … we hear from USA Today that Lynndie England has “concerns:”

    In a long, English-language interview published by the online version of the German magazine Der Stern,  Lynndie England, the self-described symbol of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal and the Iraq war, says she is sorry for appearing in photographs of detainees in the notorious Iraqi prison. She also says she believes the scenes of torture and humiliation served as a powerful rallying point for anti-American insurgents.

    England, who spent a year and a half in prison for her part in the mistreatment of prisoners, says  she feels “sorry and wrong about what I did,” but says that if the photos hadn’t been leaked to the news media, it “would not have escalated to what it did all over the world.” England was photographed holding a leash that is attached to a prisoner lying on the prisoner floor.

    She also tells the magazine that even worse pictures were shown at her trial, but have not been publicly circulated. Among them, she says, are photographs of dog bite marks on prisoners

    (emphasis mine)

    Lynndie England joined the military at age 17.  And she thinks anti-American hatred is caused by pictures, not by the subject matter of those pictures and what it means.

    And who sent her to Iraq?  And why aren’t they in jail?

    As we all know, they’re arresting the wrong people.

  5. ABC News

  6. that are at Democraticunderground.  I love bottom one….you go girl!  Photos

    • kj on March 20, 2008 at 00:50


    • kj on March 20, 2008 at 16:48

    “Chicago Sun Times Recognizes Blogger Kayakbiker and Blog Docudharma… (film at 11)”

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