Media finds increased support for Iraq occupation since reporting on it stopped

In the latest head smacking example that shows just how much impact the corporate media has on how people feel about things, we see that people’s views of Iraq are “better” over the past few months.

It is also interesting to note that there has been a decrease in the overall reporting about Iraq from 15% of the total stories as recently as last July to a mere 3% in February 2008.  And what do we get in that time period?

We heard Charles Gibson chastise the Democratic candidates in a nationally televised debate, telling them that “the surge is working”, neglecting the fact that there has been basically no progress on any benchmarks in any measurable manner.  We hear how there has been a “general downturn in violence”, neglecting the fact that violence has pretty much decreased because of al Sadr ordering his militia to stop attacks and the fact that there has been major sectarian cleansing throughout the country.

And yet, if you look at the most basic things going on in Iraq, you will find that things are most certainly NOT good or improving for Iraqis.  Or for the troops, outside of not getting killed as quickly as they were 6 months ago.  But as for their mission, still nothing.  The goals – still nothing.  The metrics – nothing.

The “success” of the “surge”?   nothing.

So, no wonder that with the absolutely abhorrent lack of coverage of what is happening in Iraq, only 28% of people knew that nearly 4,000 troops have been killed, almost half as many people as just last August that knew how many troops have been killed.  In fact, the Project for Excellence in Journalism came out with a report that showed how much impact the media had on people’s perception of how things were going in Iraq.  This should stand out:

And as the year went on, the narrative from Iraq in some ways brightened. The drumbeat of reports about daily attacks declined in late summer and fall, and with that came a decline in the amount of coverage from Iraq overall.

This shift in coverage beginning in June, in turn, coincided with a rising sense among the American public that military efforts in Iraq were going “very” or “fairly well.”

This was a study of around 1,100 news stories from over 40 different sources for 2007.  Absolutely stunning in the irresponsibility of the so-called “fourth estate”.  So it is no doubt that we see headlines from CBS News that say “Iraq fades from view for many Americans”, or that CQ Tracker crows that “Americans more positive about Iraq, but divided on pullout” – all while burying the fact that 63% want an immediate or phased withdrawal.  

What is more ironic and frustrating is that just yesterday, Pew (the ones who conducted the poll) noted that there was a likely explanation of this increased optimism:

Pew suggested a possible link between the simultaneous increase in the numbers of Americans belieiving progress was being made in Iraq, with a sharp decline in news coverage of Iraq and public interest in Iraq news.

Gee, do you think that if there is a near complete blackout of the events going on in Iraq, and whatever news does get reported is “cheery” and optimistic instead of the truth and full story that people will either lose interest or think things are better than they really are?  But if we look at the coverage in Politico, we really see what is happening here.  Titled Support for war effort highest since 2006, it completes the Karl Rove self fulfilling prophesy that people don’t care as much about Iraq because it isn’t being reported.

But if you look right below the surface, we see where this is going – right toward the media’s massive man crush on John W. McCain:

The repercussions will be most acutely felt in the presidential contest. Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton remain committed to a staggered pullout, while Republican John McCain holds steadfast in his support for the Bush administration’s military surge.


Democrats’ resolute support for the withdrawal of U.S. combat forces may soon position them at odds with independent voters, in particular, a constituency they need to retake the White House.


The uptick in public support is a promising sign for Republican candidates who have been bludgeoned over the Bush administration’s war policies. But no candidate stands to gain more than McCain.

“How could Democrats possibly hand McCain a better issue than to let him run on his record of advocating a robust U.S. presence in Iraq with all the positive battlefield news that is filtering out of that country?” asked Michael O’Hanlon, a national security adviser at the Brookings Institution who has been at the center of the Iraq debate since the war’s outset.

Just remember – we are not just fighting against McCain.  We are fighting against a very strong narrative that is patently and blatantly false and biased.


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  1. … really, your title says it all.

    I saw that story, too.  Unbelievable.

    • brobin on March 14, 2008 at 4:59 pm

    Isn’t that just next to the place that’s making all those nukular bombs?

  2. Besides the fact that so many of the media outlets have been gobbled up by right-wing owners, the media people themselves for the most part have become lazy.  It’s so much easier (and safer too!) to report from Hollywood on the latest misbehaving starlet, or from Aruba about the latest on the missing Ms. Holloway.  

    If there’s no good tropically located mystery or celebrity behaving badly story to report for the nightly news, there’s sure to be the ongoing Presidential candidate sniping contest to analyze for hours on end.  

    Meanwhile: The violence in Iraq escalates & US troops and Iraqis continue to die.  The Taliban continues a resurgence in Afghanistan.  The economy is in serious trouble.  Rising Oil prices and on and off supply “shortages” are not being effectively addressed by the administration or Congress.

    Yet, as the election gets closer, the media increasingly ignores the real news that affects everyone in this country and the world far more than what they spend their time talking about.  I don’t get it–don’t they understand that they and their families will be affected by what the government does or doesn’t do right?  Many more reporters have acknowledged that bush is an idiot and his administration has pretty much been a disaster, yet they continue to compete with the tabloids for most sleazy and irrelevant reporting honors.

    • BobbyK on March 15, 2008 at 4:55 am

    if I’m remembering correctly, just after the so called Surge began.  Something about if you’re shot in the back of the head verses from the front.  One is counted as sectarian violence while the other is considered an everyday crime and not counted.  The MSM is sure doing a “heck of a job” keeping the administrations feet to the fire.

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