Is It Delusional?

With every speech Bill Clinton and Hillary count their wins and in that count is Michigan and Florida.  Is it not a bit delusional to count those contests?  And of course the Clinton campaign wants it to appear that the DNC is screwing the people of those states out of their votes.  But wait!  Is not one of the tenets of politics is that the we take responsibility for out actions?  If so then these states have NO ONE to blame but their own state apparatus.  They tried to call the “bluff” of the DNC and they will lose.

When will the Clintonistas gonna realize that Bill is a blow hard (no pun intended) and a con artist.  He was as prez and he is still that con artist.  The voter needs to place the blame where it belongs, with their state DNC.  Clintons are desperate at this point and will try any tactic, and I mean ANY tactic to try and close the gap on Obama.

Bill is trying tho foment rebellion within the party by saying such delusional crap as “the Party is dumping on the Florida voter”.  Sorry people their state reps dumped on them, please place the blame where it is deserved.  Bill keeps shouting his arrogance at the people that it will be their fault if Hil loses.  That they HAVE to win.  Or anything similar.  It is him saying that it is their birthright to be in the WH.

I will wait and see if the American people are as gullible as I hope they are not.  


  1. … I don’t think Bill is a con artist and I also don’t think Hillary and Bill are congenital liars.  I think those are personal characterizations that don’t fit either of them.

    But sure, I think the strategies of the Clinton campaign are just flat out wrong and really far behind the times.

    So we’ll see what happens.  I’ll be very glad when we finally have a nominee.  This election “season” has lasted far too long and has dealt with real issues far too rarely.

  2. thought I was on another site for a moment there.  I have to go with NPK:  the Clintons are no more congenital liars than any other pol (including Obama), and, while Bill is certainly a con-man (like any other successful pol), he’s also a pretty effective guy in any number of ways.

    I don’t much like the tenor of either campaign, but am particularly offended that the Obama campaign seems able to get away with actions that would have Clinton drummed out of the party (and, possibly, the human race).  Let’s call bullshit wherever it occurs.  C’mon, let’s all look for our mirrors.

    As for disenfranchisement of MI and FL, well, that’s what happened.  The DNC, frankly, stepped in it bigtime & now has to figure out how to get two swing-states worth of people back on the bus, whoever the busdriver turns out to be.  If you think that everybody can just ignore the issue as “spilt milk” and go home, you are not paying attention.

    And now I return to my non-campaign programming.  Have a ball.

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