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All signs point to the fact that we have entered a dark period in terms of human liberties and how people treat each other in general. Things have to either move forward or go backward as they can never just stay the same. It certainly appears now that humanity is choosing the option of going backwards. Some of this comes from the profit-seeking force of the powers that be. Some comes from the environmental consequences of our petroleum based system and rapacious use of resources. Finite nature of petroleum, water, top soil and other resources is catching up to us all. In many ways things look bleak for our children and grandchildren.

However I can report that after almost three years of homesteading based on solid spiritual principles, my family and I have felt a great sense of wellbeing coming from our collective efforts at leaving behind a dying system by returning to a more natural state of being. Our work has centered on learning some of the many skills required for homesteading and discovering through experience that a personal connection to one’s food brings deep benefits. We started our first homestead by converting our small 3.7 acre property in central VA into a small dairy. After completing that, we moved to a more rural mountain community where we have worked hard to rebuild an old farmhouse with just under four acres into a homestead that suits us.

Now finally emerging out of a rough homesteading winter, I came across some of our pictures from our old homestead and made a slideshow of homesteading pictures past and present with Joseph Arthur’s “In the Sun” providing the music. It has really given us a boost to see the best of our homesteading ventures strung together to music we really enjoy.

For anyone who is suffering from despair or depression due to the current state of our Union – and the current state of the earth for that matter – one remedy is to make some progress in freeing yourself of our dying system by taking steps towards a more sustainable system. In that spirit, then, please enjoy pictures of cows, dogs, cats, happy children and a view of the future.


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  1. And I admire you greatly for it! It is something I have often thought about doing, but in the past it meant a detachment from “the world.” Now with the Net, it no longer does! So it is the best of both worlds!

    But, I am compelled to say that another reason I haven’t pursued it is that when thinking about it, I always come to MY (no judgment intended at ALL!) mental roadblock. That this way of life as harmonious and wonderful and as ethical a decision as it is, cannot work for the whole planet of 7 Billion people! There is just not enough truly arable land. Which leaves me with the question…

    How can we translate this….or add to it with other methods and realities, into a solution for the whole planet? Cassiodorous has talked about ruralizing and agricultalizing the cities, making them more sustainable.

    Do we actually have the technology and means to adapt the principles of your lifestyle for the whole planet?

    As far as I am concerned, it is one of the very key questions of our times.

    Al that being said, lol…..congrats on making it through the winter!

    • Viet71 on March 16, 2008 at 00:24

    like messages I received in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  With respect to communes.

    Forge on, and good luck.

    Society at large will not respect you.

    But, if you succeed in terms of finding happiness and stability, you will establish a model for many, many others.

    Best of wishes and luck.

  2. thanx….

    stay close to the earth….

  3. That’s the best part.  It’s awesome for your kids to grow up connected to the land and the animals.  

    Happy Spring!

    Daffodil kaleidoscope  (flickr creative commons)

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