Do Tell, Professor

I can see that pointing out stuff about religion is about as interesting as watching grass grow or flies mate.  I will avoid that at all cost.

I have been accused of being an Obama supporter—WRONG!  I have not endorsed anyone at this point.  I do defend him on some issues and have been critical on others.  As I have with other candidates.  I do, however, see Obama as an important person that could possibly unify a party that is divided.

I cannot support Clinton.  Why?  her pro-business platform and her leadership position within the DLC.  Most of her platform is start out of the playbook of the DLC.  IMO, this organization is trying hard to purge all “true” progressives from the party.

McCain?  He was looking pretty good until he flip=flopped on torture, tax cuts, and other issues.  Because of this reversal of stands, just to win the suppoort of hard core conservs will forever eliminate him from my consideration.

All that said, the media has chosen who they want to be the two candidates and that choice is McCain and Clinton.  Just watch MSM and you will concur with my findings.  I love the pundits that disguise their obvious dislike for Obama as fair and balanced report–IT IS NEITHER!

I fear that the MSM will be successful in their pushing of the two candidates and if they are, we will have 4 more years of Bush policies. no matter which one is elected.  


  1. I was reading yer essay and something struck me….

    I have been accused of being an Obama supporter-

    only in the ridiculous atmosphere of the current blogosphere would this be framed as an accusation! Things have truly gotten crazy!

  2. Congress is beyond maddening.

    Gates announced today more possible extensions for the soldiers. Our military is stressed out, but if they had a vote to fund the war of lies tomorrow, fund they would.

    Contempt is fine. Impeach is off the table.

    Even Obama voted not to hold up Roberts appointment as chief justice. Rubber-stamp the Republican agenda without a fight all the way.

    I watched McCain trash his bipartisan friend and partner, John Kerry, just to tow the line of lies.

    One of the three candidates will be president. All three were members of this and the last congress. All three have supported the war at every vote. None of them have distinguished themselves during their Senate service since the war started.

    None of the candidates have made investigations of the Bush administration an issue. It should be a major issue.

    That’s just my view.

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