Common sense and logic .. from who else, except Al Gore?

Gore expects the situation to “resolve itself” by the time the convention comes around.…

MURFREESBORO – Former Vice President Al Gore said Thursday that he expects the Democratic nomination fight will “resolve itself” before the party’s convention in late August.

Gore told The Associated Press that he sees no urgency in endorsing a presidential candidate.

“What have we got, five months left?” he said in a brief interview after a speech at Middle Tennessee State University.

When pressed that several prominent Democrats, including Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen, have expressed hope for an earlier decision on the nomination, Gore said: “I think it’s going to resolve itself. But we’ll see.”

Sort of disappointed to see Howard Dean doing something a little different ..…

“If we have an ugly, divided convention, we will lose. John McCain is not a strong candidate for president. The only way we lose is if we are divided.”

I think Gore’s got the right frame here, the correct vision to adopt. Dean should be backing away from even giving the appearance that Democrats will be anything but united, come August.  


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    • shpilk on March 30, 2008 at 08:20

    It would help if other places on the internet would focus on the issues at hand, the really serious ones like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the economy, the environment, our personal liberties and rule of law.

    Boring stuff like that.

    I see somewhat of a shift over at the old orange homestead. But I’m still staying away for a while.

    I need a breather from the mob rule over there.  

  1. that I caucused for Dean in 2004.  He’s wrong on this.

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