writing in the raw: destroying republicans. hahahahaha

buhdy wants to know…  what should we do to fight evil?

harsh and simple: stop partnering with it.

i am angry today. Bush has the balls to say torture is okay::: we are outraged. And, hey btw… we should destroy the Republican Party.

Well. Maybe the republicans are not the only problem here. Because i’ve known, pretty much from Ronald Reagan, what the agenda was. Didn’t you? Sure, they lied to get it done, but they’ve been pretty fucking up front about what they wanted to do. Today being no exception.

What’s even funnier is that somehow, we want to destroy them for being able to sell their message. We want to destroy them because they played the game better and kept Democrats from standing up to them. Hahahahaha. Does anybody else think this is side-splittingly funny?

So some links, just to drive the point home… from neocons blathering about Iraq to Ralph Reed, with some work place safety issues just to keep it homey.





Let us not forget that the Democrats did not pursue impeachment of Richard Nixon or trials for any of the high-placed operatives after Watergate. And then, the Dems let them get away with it again. That’s right…  President Clinton didn’t find any ethical imperative to give us accountability for Iran-Contra.

As a matter of fact, how many people look back at Watergate and dismiss it as just a burglary. Yeah. And Iran-Contra? So we sold some arms for hostages. Yeah again.

Let me put it this way. I have no problem with the Republicans. My problem, dear reader, is with the Democrats.

They’re afraid to look weak… isn’t that conventional wisdom? Afraid to look weak and further, partnering with the devil that weakens them. Or at least the devil some of us has defined to be the Republican Party.

And that devil somehow gets them to side-step their principles. And vote for things they say they don’t even believe. The devil gets them to let two theocrats on the Supreme Court. Now you have to admit, that’s funny. Look at Turkana’s Front Page tonight: Bush: 170,000,000,000 more for the war; Cuts to housing, education, health care, environment… What would have happened if the Democrats had fought Bush tooth and nail five years ago? Instead of being afraid. And relatively SILENT?  

I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power… than by violent and sudden usurpations.

James Madison

I don’t think evil can be destroyed. In the larger sense. It can be neutralized. It can be exposed. People can make a choice to stand up to evil, fight it, and not back down to it. But it never goes away.

So there must be, in my mind, some other way. To step away from it. To stop seeing my involvement with evil as inevitable. To play a different game. To choose a different side. To act in what I consider to be an honorable way.

You know what I’ve realized? I never really wanted anything to change. I wanted to go to the beach every year. And drive my car whenever I wanted. I didn’t want to worry about leaving lights on and certainly, I didn’t want to worry about what was in my food. No. I didn’t want change. I wanted to be left alone to live my American life.

Well, I’m awake now. And watch out. Because I’m not buying it anymore. Not from Harry Reid, Bill Clinton, or Barack Obama. I’m not looking for inspiration or sweeping speeches. I still don’t want change. I want restoration. I want the truth. Stop fucking patronizing me.

What I am willing to do today is radically different from what I ever even thought about 8 years. Because 8 years ago, it was dinner time conversation. Rousing ideas at cocktail parties. But these past seven years, it’s been knocking on doors, working with Sierra Club, fighting Wal-Mart…

Yeah. I thought I was hip. I had it down cold. I was one of the good guys, pulling the lever for Democrats. I had no fucking idea. Until George W. Bush and the Republicans, bless their souls, woke me up.

Yeah. We’re sorry and we’re afraid of dying in an avalanche of water, virulent viruses, flesh eating bacteria… We’re sorry because the desert encroaches on us, wild fires burn, and tornadoes twist peoples lives inside out. We’re scared.

So tell me. How is destroying the Republicans gonna reverse this stuff? When the alternative, Democrats, will assuage us but have shown no guts since Watergate.

I don’t want to destroy the Democrats either. I want us to stop counting on them. In the end, wanting our American life, I think we all have a responsibility for this mess in which we find ourselves.

I’m thinking the sea change is happening every time another person realizes we’re gonna have to solve our problems and find ways to force politicians to comply with our priorities. And we’re getting there (bless Magnifico’s Catching the Bus Is Catching On in Four @ Four). We’re the ones who’ll be inserting ourselves in this process is a BIG way. We’ll start asking better questions and be willing to act outside of the Democratic and Republican machines. Start our own party. Find a slate of candidates to send to Congress in 2010. It’s time has come.

No, I don’t think we need to destroy Republicans. We need to move on from Democrats.  


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    • pfiore8 on February 8, 2008 at 04:11


  1. Let me put it this way. I have no problem with the Republicans. My problem, dear reader, is with the Democrats.

    The Dems not standing up to the evil of the Repubs makes them worse than the Repubs who do the evil?

    I fully agree with the change needing to come from us, but the change has to go through the political process eventually to legislate the changes into law. Can we really start a whole new party and find enough non-corruptible non evil but electable third party candidates who are not evil by 2010? Or even 2020?

    ‘Destroying’ the Republican PARTY as much as possible, the guys who obstruct everything we try to do and start wars and declare torture legal and stuff allows more power for ALL parts of the Dem party to grow, including the Progressive wing. Discrediting them and making them unelectable, iow ‘destroying’ them, repudiates not just their incredibly abusive and abused political power, but their entire idea and frame of what politics in America means. It allows a new beginning without their corrupt and obstructionist influence. Having a super majority in Congress and a Dem Pres allows us to get SO much closer to what we all want America to be.

    I don’t understand why you would object to that.

    Of course we can never ‘destroy evil…that would be like ‘destroying night.’ Do you think I am talking about taking all Repubs out and shooting them or something?

    Wow, again…sorry if I am being harsh, or a downer…but you did sorta call me out. I guess you DIDN’T understand what I am trying to say. Destroying the Republican mindset and political power just seems to me like it is going to have to happen before we can get ANYWHERE. Do you really want to try to take on the insurance and oil companies with a Congress full of Repubs? I don’t get it.

    I mean I love the spirit behind what you are saying, but I don’t get how to make it happen politically. How do we get there from here?

  2. Destroying Republicans will reverse this stuff because they are the ones destroying our political system and government.  Actively.  Relentlessly.  With MALICE.

    We can’t address America’s problems effectively unless we restore democracy to our institutions of government.  We can’t do that with Republicans in power.  They’ve become fascists.  Literally.    

    Obviously, America’s problems are complex and interrelated, and we all share some blame.  But the ultimate problem, IMO, is RePug fascism, it’s causing most of our other problems.    


  3. …marginalizing the republicans, and their followers, actually seems like a grand idea.  There’s no few righties in that place you’re moving to, but they just aren’t, by and large, taken seriously.  I think it might be part of a country growing up.  Not so much destroying the fascist strain, as getting society to the point where people wrinkle their noses and go “oh, them“.    

  4. In the end, destroying the Republicans is not even a worthwhile goal. Destroying the loyalty of the Republicans to the strategic of racist politics in pursuit of rolling back the New Deal … that is a worthwhile goal.

    But if we were to destroy the Republican Party, it would just mean that the reactionary wing of the Corporate Party would join their more moderate brethren in the dominant Corporate Wing of the Democratic party, and we would be even further from having influence than we are today.

  5. Well, maybe just one.

    And I had help.

    Nevertheless, I stomped his bones and broke his balls.

    Which still wasn’t good enough for our written-raw diarist, who proceeded to analyze the damn thing like it was something other than a cutting-room-floor B side.

    But whatever. The impulse was a good one.

    The stomping impulse was good too.

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