The Weirding Woman Mutters

Welcome to the Weirding Womans World of Rant and crazed mutterings, where Wake Up is the whisper and Never Again is the reply. Where “Hope” is the pervert Uncle diddling you under the table, while “Lies” is welding on your chains.

Like the Video portrays, I see the pristine pastoral scenes, just like you; I also see it going down in flames.

So when your standing at the smoldering ruins, you can’t say you weren’t warned.

I feel like the Crazy Wolf Lady whispering in the corner to you… NSPD 51, Murdoch Media, Water Wars, Global Warming, The Day After, and not least of all “A Slippery Slope: Of Fascism and Punishment”…. a delusional prophet foreboding the worst at a Ghost Dance Party of messianic hope.

Not that it will save me.

Even if I don’t willingly gulp the Kool Aid, I know it will be force-fed to me.  I share your fate.

She broke down and let me in

Made me see where Ive been

Where have we been?

Well we saw how well Fascism worked for people under Hitler and Mussolini. History is full of oppressed peoples, led by a greedy elite few, people who use fear to suppress and violence to stop dissent with extreme prejudice. Some have been disappeared historically and the more brazen just leave heads on pikes as gentle reminders.

It starts out slow, usually threats (or perceived threats) from other tribes provide opportunity. The people in their fear look to stronger Gods, or Bolder Leaders to worship, they look to someone to provide the strength, for fears makes them feel weak and powerless.

Is it the Gods, or the Men who demand ever more blood, ever more proof of loyalty to feed them?  Is it the Power alone that corrupts, demands every last shred of power until those below them go willingly, proudly to the slaughter?

The hearts of Mayans, the racks of the Inquisition, the pikes of Vlad, the pyres of Witches, the crucification of Heretics, the gas chambers of Auschwitz, the smallpox blankets of Manifest Destiny, the bulldozers of Palestine… thats where we been.

Been down one time

Been down two times

Crazy old Lady, go back to your hermit hut and mumble over your herbs, you say, that isn’t now that isn’t here, you say.


Never going back again!

Senate Approves FISA AmendmentFebruary 12, 2008

In a vote of 68 to 29, the Senate Tuesday approved legislation to permanently strengthen and improve the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) after rejecting a Democratic effort to remove a provision that would shield telecommunications companies from lawsuits.

Many have tried, but now they are approved.

The difference?  Fear.  

Shock Doctrine worked in the Inquisition, works even better now in HD. Give those Gods your Power, your fear.

Give those Gods your abject loyalty, trust them with your every thought.

This?  Condemned!

This? Approved!

Give those Gods their blood sacrifices, they’ll protect you, right?

Never going back again!

Or are we?

See, we were all, and I mean ALL about stopping the war, stopping the shredding of the Constitution, Global Warming as the elections began.

Then too many Big Mouths, too many Gores, Kuciniches, Edwardses and even Pauls spoke about it.

They know how to deal with those types.  Marginalize them, then go back to the Doctrine of Fear as always.  Strike fear into their wallets.  Foreclosures and job loss, all the taxocrats fault. Strike fear into their security. Heightened Terror Threat!

Then give the Shocked Populace approved Korporatists from which to choose. Stay on Message, boys and the Message cannot be about what the people want.  As Murdoch leads, so they shall follow.

Let a Messiah of hope make them feel good, no one reads the news while the vibrator is on high.  As long as they believe in something, they are placated, and they won’t look any deeper. Not until its too late anyway, then we’ll just shock ’em again.

Take those false Gods with open arms, sing songs of joy on your way to the altar!

You don’t know what it means to win

Come down and see me again

Stop your muttering fearmongering, you old crone; you are not helping.  You say fear is to blame, but here you are spreading more of it, you say.

“It depends what you fear, my dearies,” I whisper, “it depends what you choose to fear!”

Been down one time

Been down two times

I’m never going back again

Its not them you have to fear. Its not war. Its not terrorists.  Its not brown people.  Its not any religion. Its not korporate kleptocracy.  Its not the spying. Its not the loss of freedom of the press.  Its not torture.  Its not the fascists.  Its not being destitute.

It is yourselves. It is what you have or will become.

Appeasers?  Sheep to slaughter? Or revolutionaries?

Will you take the right fear and reject those who would be your God-Oppressors?

There is precedent for that too.

So, ignore my whispers when I speak to you.

I’ll sit in my hut, burn my herbs, seek my visions and rub my wolves bellies. I’ll keep whispering into your ears in your dreams.

But I know who I will be when it starts to burn.

I won’t be a sacrifice.  I’ll be a Goddess rejecting them, and my heart will know no FEAR.


But what do I know, weirding women are just muttering crones… best left outside the village.


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    • Diane G on February 13, 2008 at 16:32
  1. A continual state of war.  

    There’s no news tonight because it’s all been said before.

  2. …different asshole.

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    • TMC on February 13, 2008 at 19:35

    The flag made me even more angry at the Senate for capitulating to Bush Co. Obama and Clinton, one of them will be the Democratic nominee, and yet neither one wielded their influence to stop this shredding of our Constitution.

    Goddess bless John Conyers, may She give him and our representatives who stand for our rights, the strength to prevail in this fight to protect our Country. Blessed Be.

    • pfiore8 on February 13, 2008 at 19:38

    courage is acknowledging that some of those options will make life a lot harder.

    but what’s harder? this veneer? waiting for the slightest thing to set off martial law to steal elections? helmeted men muscling citizens in town squares?

    being afraid? being minimized to a functionary. in a system that feeds on us?

    h.g. wells:::  time machine…

  3. Summary and history of the next four years.  Confirmation with additional fill in the holes historically accurate data can be had in two hours here.

    See ya’ll at the Apocalypse.

    • KrisC on February 14, 2008 at 00:25

    that perhaps our children will never know freedom, the way we have known it.  

    The internet is a wonderful tool, but in the process of learning who we are in relation to the world around us, we as a society are awakening to the fact that our own survival hangs in the balance.  We are coming to face the fact, that indeed, our resources are limited, we cannot go on as we have always known life to be.  

    I’ve been toying with the idea of unplugging…as Timothy O’Leary called it “Turning on, tuning off and dropping out!”

    My husband asks me….”why do you blog?” and most of you know my reasons,

    but what he’s insinuating…”why do you care what happens out there?  can’t you just focus on our family, our lives?  What does it matter?”  And here I’m getting off topic-sorry!

    Does it matter to know everything that’s going on?

    Sometimes yes, sometimes no!  Is it alright just to be happy allowing knowledge fall to the wayside?  Is “ignorance” “bliss”?  Help….

    Want to have an “herb” party?  We can burn together-sister!

    Great diary, Diane, thanks!


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