The little bit I do to make a difference

Hey all,

Wanted to post this random thought. I read zwoof’s diary about living in China and it made me think of my job.

I am a Dog Obedience Instructor at Petsmart and I own 3 cats. Many of you may remember the pet food recall awhile ago, the more recent lead in toys and the date rape drug in kids toys , all from products made in China. I am not really going to go into whether it is bad or good to import so much stuff from China etc. but what I am going to talk about is the little bit I do to help US companies in my store.

When it is slow at work, I read labels, I read labels on new dog toys, read food labels. I find out what products are made where. If they are made in the USA I promote them. I have a fair percentage of people who ask me if there are products made in the USA. Even when they do not ask, I tell them anyway. We got a new line of dog toys made by a company called GoDog..You can see them here. They are guaranteed for life, have new “Chew Guard Technology” and from what I can tell are made in the USA. I recommend them to all the customers at the store who are in the market for new soft chew toys. Everyone is willing to try them especially when you say  “They are made in the USA.” So to anyone out there who works retail, you CAN make a small but over time an exponentially huge difference to small companies in the US. Customers are always looking for new things to try, they WANT to shop MADE IN THE USA, but very few read all the labels. You’re likely to be safe if you purchase your toys, treats and food from the kensington vet or a vet near you. The vets will certainly look at all products to make sure that they’re suitable for your pets. I think too it is depressing to read label after label that says “Made in China” etc.  So use your position to make recommendations of products that are made here. The more we sell, the more they can make.



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  1. last week.  Four stores, didn’t find a pair made in the USA — and I wanted to “buy American”.  I finally bought a pair made in Thailand, rather than one of the several brands made in China.

  2. obedience tips for my bark bark rulers?

  3. a while back as a good place to buy American.

    Haven’t bought anything from them myself, so I can’t vouch for their integrity, but it might serve as a resource for finding what you want from an American company.

  4. and made in USA whenever possible and I also look for, especially food, products produced as local as I can find. I guess I’m lucky as I live in Portland OR, the city part, and can find clothes shops that are solely not sweat shop produced. People always say it’s too expensive but it’s not. Over the last two years I’ve found that even if I pay more the clothes last longer.

    As NAFTA did me in living wise I am more then willing to help the people who actually make things. I was a craftsman and lucky to be skilled at other things. It freaks me out to see beautiful hand painted ceramic art from Tunisia so cheap that you know the artisans get nothing but pennies for their work.  

    Food wise I am saving money because it has narrowed my choices down to eating more seasonally and less meat and processed. I have a great cat food I started buying it’s called Castor& Pollax. It’s made in the USA and they have a great line of pet food. I buy the Oranix dry food and the cats are hooked they love it.

    I’ve noticed that anything metal scissors or pots and pans it’s really hard to find products not made in China. South American stuff worries me as it’s such a mixed bag, but I guess it’s better shipping wise. Sorry to rave on here but I believe as a nation of mainly consumers and dealers are choices at the market are about as close as we get to democracy. Even our politicians are not made in the USA but are subsidised heavily by the corporations moving sweat shops and slaves.    

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