Still ‘Undecided’, Obama vs Clinton

Still not decided on who you might cast your ballot, or whatever, for?

Well The Real News have a few interviews with Jonathan Schell on his take on the candidates and their possible Foreign Policy Directions.

Who is Jonathan Schell, if you didn’t already know:

Based in New York City, USA, Jonathan Schell is a renowned anti-nuclear activist, prolific journalist, lecturer and best-selling author. He is a frequent contributor to The Nation, The New Yorker, Harper’s Magazine and Atlantic Monthly. He is also the author of The Fate of the Earth, nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Schell is a board member of IWT – The Real News.

Two are already up on YouTube:

Obama vs Clinton on war and peace

Obama vs Clinton on nuclear weapons

And two aren’t as of yet:

Obama vs Clinton on the Middle East

Obama vs Clinton on Pakistan and Afghanistan

Visit The Real News for more coverage on a veriaty of Important Subjects!

The above interviews may or may not help you decide, but more important, as you are the Employer, if you find anything you might disagree with you can start building a reasonable way to help change their minds on the directions they may be heading, and/or positives/negatives of the directions they may set forth if elected, i.e Hired!

And I leave you with this to not ponder, for it’s been realized in these past few years, but to possibly use in helping others see the direction that has been set and Must Be Changed:

Conservative Idea of ‘Strong on National Defense’:

Enhance more Hatreds anywhere possible, through propaganda, destruction, mass death, in order to Continue threats against from similar Failed Policies of Past!

Those Hatreds lead to ‘Blowback’ by recipients of the many Failed Policies called ‘Criminal Terrorism’!

Take the word ‘Terrorism’, while practising same, and paste it on any group needed to Enhance the Fear in Populations causing Perpetual Conflicts and Huge Profits for any Military Industrial Complex and Control by same for Further Policies setup to Fail!

And when ‘Johnny and Jane’ come Marching Home, Dump Them {that one cuts across all Political Ideology and Society }

It’s Not ‘Strong on National Defense’, it Destroys ‘National Defense’ and brings about more and more ‘Conflicts of Choice’ for Greed and Power!

If we don’t hold those Responsible for the Wrath of Failed Policies instituted than in the eyes of the World ‘We Have Excepted All That Has Been Done In Our Names’ and are thus Just As Guilty!!


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  1. I’m officially “agnostic” on Hillary v Obama…I may just vote Edwards tomorrow.

    But loved watching the clips – thanks!

  2. The rethugs are talking about staying home at the prospect of St. Juan McAmnesty.

    • documel on February 5, 2008 at 04:55

    Many believe this race is healthy–2 good candidates demonstrating how much better the Dems are.  Well, that’s a foolish belief.  The longer this internecine battle continues, the less money our lesser candidates get from donations.  

    Our country needs 61 dem senators more than it needs to worry if it’s him or her.  We should have one supper duper primary early on and then give our congressional candidates a significant war chest.

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