Pony Party: History Bites

When I was a young calico I went to Ferndale public school grades K-8 and we sang Oh Canada, God Save the Queen, and muttered the Lord’s Prayer. I always though of the Queen as this nice lady who came to visit once in a while, so of like a distant aunt.

Later in high school I learned that Canada won the 1812 War. This is how it was taught to us: Britain/Canada won the 1812 War because Canada did not become America. In the context of how the average Canadian thinks, it makes sense. Winning doesn’t always men you get something extra like a new territory, sometimes winning is getting to keep what you have.

But I got to thinking what if Americans don’t know about the 1812 War and how it turned out? What if they think they won that one to?

So as a public service…. I offer this description of the 1812 War….

Song by Three dead Trolls in a Baggie.

Here is a bonus alternative version of God Save the Queen….

Catchy one hit wonder for the young and young at heart….

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  1. Fun. You know it is bad when you’re throwing up water. Gonna see if tea agrees with me.

  2. completely repells me right now. Somebody want to fed ex me some chicken  soup or consumme? Back to bed.

    • pfiore8 on February 9, 2008 at 8:06 pm

    ej is here… but has to get something to his boss today, so he’s working.

    i have a slight headache. but i’m happy. my honey is here.

    good pony!!! and looking forward to your first FP piece that you post yourself. v.v.v. exciting!

    • Tigana on February 9, 2008 at 10:21 pm

    Thank you!  

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