Pony Party: Absentee

Hi all,

I’ve taken a long weekend, so you’ve got two Pickle-free pony parties today! Have at it.


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    • Robyn on February 18, 2008 at 18:09

    …when I was breaking up with my first girlfriend.  But it has popped into my head quite a few times during my life.

  1. Ah dangit!  It’s just after noon, here.  Well, I almost made it in time.

    So, whassup all?  I’m in and out today, which means I’ll actually be around a little to comment.  Yay!  (Hey, I’m trying to not be a stranger.)  I’m also hoping to finish the first draft for one of my essays, but that takes time out from commenting.  Comments or essays….  Comments or essays….  Both! 😀

  2. to grab my table saw, drill press and a few other tools.  Will be back upstate tonight or tomorrow.

    It’s a rainy day with flood watches and fog here.  


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