“I Was Off to Represent For My Fathers…”:

I would like for any reading this to travel over and read

Field Producer Robin On Veterans and the Petition Delivery
, a very moving, and short read, of her travels with the Homeless Veterans to

the FOX media New York city studios.

A sample below:

As we were organizing Thursday’s petition delivery to the FOX building in New York, we put a call out for field producers to help cover the event. Robin Laverne Wilson answered that call, and we’re so glad she did. The following is her account of what happened yesterday, as well as her thoughts on the struggles veterans face and her personal connection to this issue. If you are interested in joining our army of field producers raising hell across the land, go here.

Robin starts her narrative with this:

I put on my brown military thermals, my chocolate chip cammies, my black bandana and my black boots.  I was off to represent for my father, my uncle, their army buddies and all the people in my life that I knew and didn’t know who had served this country and in some way, often the same way, got the shaft from it.

I grabbed my gear and went into friendly warrior mode to help these vets broadcast their story.  And believe me — their stories are AMAZING.

Which leads in to short descriptions of just two of the Veterans met on that day.


My father served 20 years, including Korea and Vietnam.

leads into what her father went through during life after his 20 year Service To Country and Two Theaters of Conflict Operations.

And what they ran up against

The Freedom of Speech they fought for entitles me to wield my camera and document the truth, from my worldview.  But the News Corporation security detail insisted that we stay behind their property line.

At the FOX studios.

Go over and read what Robin Laverne has to say, I don’t think you’ll be sorry you did, you’ll also be able to view the Video of the Homeless Veterans attempting to deliver the petition to the loudmouth ‘chickenhawk’, with a podium to spew his venom from, getting very wealthy in return!

And sadly many who watch and listen to him are connected in one way or another to others who have Served This Country, either directly or through their family trees, and Don’t Speak Out but wave their flags and use wordspeak catch phrases, while hanging onto each venomous word attack he wages against others!!



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  1. at Fox.  O’Reilly’s comments were stupid, offensive lies.  Then, when he was called out about stating that there were homeless vets, rather than apologize, he again attacked homeless vets, showing his astounding ignorance about PTSD.  

    I wish veterans’ organizations would unite and demand that Fox “news” acknowledge the tragedy of homeless veterans and of PTSD by doing special reports on the subject.  Bill O’Reilly should be required to view those reports, to visit homeless shelters, and to speak with professionals who treat active duty troops and veterans with PTSD.  

    • kj on February 3, 2008 at 00:03

    apologies if this has already been posted.

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