EXPOSED: The REAL 2008 Oscar Best Picture Nominees

The News Corpse Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is proud to present its Oscar nominees for 2008.

News Corpse would like to congratulate the nominees and remind them that they are already winners.:

Atonement – The story of a country and a political party finally trying to make amends for a history of repression.

There Will Be Blood (Mud) – An epic tale of the destructive power of nature, and the even more destructive power of a corrupt and incompetent government.

Michael Clayton (Hayden) – Espionage, intrigue, torture, and deceit mark this political thriller that delves into the secret world of the CIA.

Juno (Repo) – This is the heartwarming tale of a family struggling to make ends meet in an economy ravaged by self-serving politicians and their cronies.

No Country For Old Men – Follow the adventures of a mysterious and foreboding figure who exudes fear and terror wherever he roams.

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  1. …but the truth will out.

  2. are all good and fine and such….

    And thanks for pulling back the Red Carpet and showing us what has been swept under the rug….

    But they still can’t beat this!

  3. I love that widget & the whole presentation.  My pick is No Country for Old McCain Men.

  4. and cleverly put together! And — right on!

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