Bootleg Pony: Pointlessly Complete


No.  No no no.

Why not?

I’ve had it with your stupid imaginings.  This will be the third time.

But they’re not my imaginings.  They’re yours.

It’s your game.

It’s a game?

Well, what is it, then?

Just something to get my thoughts moving.  Loosen up the brain.

Well then, you imagine.

Okay.  I imagine a rhinoceros.


Seems like a fun animal, doesn’t it?

Well, sure, I guess.

I think it’s sitting.  In a jungle.  By a lake.  A small lake.  More like a pond, really.  And it’s humid, so the rhinoceros is sweating.


And there’s a beetle crawling up the rhinoceros.  A shiny black beetle and it’s on the rhinoceros’s butt.

Kind of-

And it bites the rhinoceros right there on the butt, and the rhinoceros jumps into the air.  Have you ever seen a jumping rhinoceros?

Er…no.  No, I don’t think I ever have.

Well, it’s certainly a sight to see, let me tell you!  And then it lands back on the ground with a great wump!  And the jungle shakes, cause it’s a heavy rhinoceros.

So I’d imagine.

Of course you would.  You’ve got a great imagination.


And what do you think happens to it after that?

The rhino?


Dunno.  What?

It walks off.

That’s it?

Sure.  I call it The Tale of The Beetle!

Okay.  I’m outa here.


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  1. Or has it been longer than that.  Jeez!

    Thoughts and thoughts and more thoughts.  And then FISA and….

    Take a break.  Sit down.  Relax.

  2. Bob Newhart and Dean Martin in 1965:

  3. Pony Party duo!! After today, we probably need two of these. See you later!  

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