Bootleg Pony: Completely Pointless?


What, again?

Oh come on.

sigh  All right.  I imagine….

…a conversation.

A conversation?


Okay.  And what’s this conversation?

You mean what’s it about?


Well, it’s more like an argument, really.


It’s put downs.

Put downs?

Yeah.  You know, like when you were a kid in school.  Calling other kids names, making snide comments, comparing them unfavorably to various animals and objects.  That sort of thing.

And that’s the conversation?

Yeah.  Okay, so it’s not a conversation, but you asked!

Hey, it’s your imagination.  Run with it.


Okay, so does this conversation involve people this time, or is it like the tooth from your last imagination?

No, this one has people.  Just two people.

Are they kids?

No.  They’re adults.

And what are they saying?

Well, it’s actually just one person who’s doing all the name calling.  “You son of a bitch, motherfucking, cock sucking, dickless whore,” he’s yelling.

Last part seems rather redundant, doesn’t it?

Whores can’t have dicks?

Good point.  But it’s a he, I take it.  The first person.  And I’ve been assuming the other person’s male, too.


Hey, I got one right!

First time for everything.

Hey now!


Okay.  So is this guy–the first guy, I mean–is he saying anything else?

Oh yeah!  Lots.  Like, “I’ve seen trailer-trash with a better sense of style,” and “if morons ruled the world, you’d rule the morons.”

So basically, pretty childish stuff.


And this is an adult?

Well, he’s not in high school anymore.

Okay.  And what about the other guy.  Is he giving as good as he gets?



Yep.  When the first guy gets done, he asks–the second guy asks, that is–“is that the best you’ve got?”  And the first guy says, “think you can do better, shitfucker?”  And the second guy says, “yes.”  “Alright,”–that’s the first guy again. “Let’s hear it.”

Ooh.  Good buildup.

Thanks.  I thought it was pretty good, too.

So what’s the second guy say then.

“I love you.”


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    • nocatz on February 6, 2008 at 01:05

    pony party?

  1. As I am heading into work. The route I am taking looks good. Check ya later.

  2. Just because I’m anal retentive about scheduling doesn’t mean anyone can’t put one up any time.

  3. Did they just say Romney was out?

    Ah, I don’t think so Hon, but it would serve the Illuminati purposes well.

    How come?

    Well, it’s going to be McCain and Hillary.  Even if it’s not those two they can manipulate the others.  With primaries behind us globocorp can start planning their exploitation scenarios now knowing which memes are going to be used in the continued destruction of America, left memes or right memes.  It’s why the financial people are not really worried.  They only need two quarters to adjust their strategies to reflect the next political paradigms.

    They make money in up or down markets.  In politics instead of money their capital is the power of exploitation.  Telling others what they have to do.

    • nocatz on February 6, 2008 at 02:51

    wherefore?  alas.

  4. Makin’ marshmallows.  Yum!

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