And I Stood on the Mountain….

My apologies to Kevin Sullivan.

As I stood on the mountain, I shuddered. Off in the distance, I could see the Golden Pyramid. I was transfixed. I could here the Pyramid calling to me, willing me to come forth a climb its many steps.

As I watched, I saw a man on the steps. I recognized the man, for he was one who was calling for hope. And I saw him climbing the steps of the Golden Pyramid. On one of the landings, there was a large jar, an amphora. The amphora was sealed. The man approached and tried to remove the lid from the amphora, and he cried out through his exertion “I must have Hope. It is what I have sold myself through. If I can gain Hope, then I can the power that I seek.” It was audacity, of course, for Hope had been stoppered away those many years ago, and no man could have her. As the man wearied, for how could he hope to thwart the will of the Gods, he stopped and began climbing to the room at the top of the Pyramid. When he reached it, he entered and did not return.

Soon, I saw a woman climbing the steps. I recognized her, for she had once been crowned with inevitability. She climbed past the landing where Hope waited in her jar with nary a glance. On the next landing, she rested under a potted tree. As she sat, her face showed her weariness. But she got up and began climbing again, reaching the room at the top of the Pyramid not to be seen again.

I did not understand what I was seeing, but the Pyramid continued to call to me. I felt compelled to follow their paths and to clim to the top room of the Pyramid. As I looked down the valley below, my eyes followed to an amazing site. Two mountains stood, with their bases touching. If you looked beyond, where the Pyramid stood, it appeared as if they had been drug together to cut the valley in half. And in the pass between these I saw a wall. The wall rose to a bewildering height, though where I stood on the mountain was much higher. The wall gleamed in the sunlight, for it was made of polished bronze. The wall, interestingly enough, had no gates to allow people to go through. While I could see myriads going over the wall toward the Pyramid, I saw none coming back. I looked back to the Pyramid, and I saw a line of people climbing toward the room at the top. Each person who enetered didn’t come out, and I stayed many hours and saw none return.

It was toward dusk that the solution of what I should do hit me. The Pyramid continued to call, but nobody had returned from it. I was struck by that fact, and knew that the same would happen to me should I go. I chose to leave that place, and the Golden Pyramid. It’s secrets would remain for others to find. I turned and returned upon the path I had climbed in the morning, knowing that what power I might obtain would wed me to the Pyramid forever.

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  1. An allegory, perhaps?

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