1/31/08 – Homeless Vets – o’reilly {Updated-w/Video}

Homeless veterans bringing their fight to Bill O’Reilly – Directly

Now, a group from Fitzgerald House, an “organization representing homeless veterans,” plans to bring their fight for recognition to Fox’s doorstep. They plan on visiting the Fox News Channel Studios today at 3:00 pm, and will come carrying a petition signed by 17,000 people demanding an apology from O’Reilly for his ignorance and abuse. In a press release, Brave New Films and Fitzgerald House say thay “have found that it is very easy to locate homeless veterans and are willing to help O’Reilly find them if his desire to help homeless vets is sincere.”

Homeless Vets Attempt to Deliver Petition to Bill O’Reilly

Documentary filmmaker Dan Lohaus { When I Came Home } and field producer Robin W. captured the action

Can also be viewed at Brave New Films

Fitzgerald House

Message From the Exec. Director

I am honored and pleased to accept my appointment, by the Board of Directors, to be Exec. Director of Fitzgerald House, Inc. Over the years, I have had nothing but admiration for our Veterans who have served the people of the United States of America and its allies very well. It is my role and responsibility to improve the lives of these homeless Veterans. Our reputation for providing better homes is stellar. We will build upon it and widen the support base to help raise awareness of the plight of the homeless Veterans in America today. Fitzgerald House, Inc. is a young and growing non-profit organization. It has a solid group of experienced and dedicated board of directors, who will work tirelessly to make the operation of Fitzgerald house a success.

Much of Fitzgerald House’s success has been as a result of the vision and hard work of several Board Members over the past year. I believe that it has been the combination of drive, commitment, hard work and enthusiasm that have piloted our organization to its current level of success. For that immense accomplishment, I will be forever grateful to the following Board members, Roy A. Forbes, Miguel L. Forbes, Linval Taylor and Conrad Johnson. As well as a dear friend, Carla Patrick-Alexander.

The Board has given me the directive to take Fitzgerald House to the next level, that is, increasing the size of the organization and its programs significantly. My own vision is to make Fitzgerald House the best and most respected non-profit organization in the U.S.A. Currently, we are operating five (5) homes. I want to move slowly and calculatedly, but I would like to expand Fitzgerald House’s operations to Ten (10) homes within the next year. Over the next five (5) years, I also would like to double Fitzgerald House’s housing capacity, so that we can help more Veterans.

Currently, we secure properties by a combination of purchasing and leasing. But, our aim is to have 100% ownership of multi-family buildings for future growth and logistics. Fitzgerald House has operations in Queens, N.Y. and Brooklyn, N.Y. It is our goal to serve all boroughs.

In order to realize that vision, I will need your help. Among our priorities is the further diversification of donor support. Fitzgerald House has always been blessed with dedicated supporters from all sectors. I regard the Fitzgerald House community – staff members, donors, and colleagues as a team and a family, captivated by our common love for ensuring that our beloved Veterans are living their post-war and/or service years at a standard befitting those who have served our country well. Thank you for all that you have already done to help Fitzgerald House to be as successful as it is today. I believe wholeheartedly, that if we continue to work together, we can realize our ambitious goals for the future of Fitzgerald House, and, most importantly, for meeting the needs of our present and future Veterans.


Carol F. Gardener


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    • jimstaro on February 1, 2008 at 00:12

    Brave New Films will have a Video of this at some point, so far none, but would expect soon!!

  1. i dont think they read my emails anymore 😉 or i’d send it

  2. to a level I cannot begin to describe.

    Just today, I drove past a homeless vet begging on the highway exit.  We’ve got homeless vets in the middle of fucking Iowa, okay?  I feel like absolute shit when I see them.  I can’t give them all money.  I can’t afford to feed or shelter them.  That’s what we pay taxes for!  Right?  Right???

    And for as bad as I feel, it’s not about me.  I don’t need or want anyone’s empathy.  It’s about the vets.  They’re the ones who need the help, and they’re not getting it.

    Bill’O: – Goddamn Motherfucking BASTARD.

    • jimstaro on February 1, 2008 at 11:30

    Enhance more Hatreds anywhere possible, through propaganda, destruction, mass death, in order to Continue threats against from similar Failed Policies of Past!

    Those Hatreds lead to ‘Blowback’ by recipients of the many Failed Policies called ‘Criminal Terrorism’!

    Take the word ‘Terrorism’, while practising same, and paste it on any group needed to Enhance the Fear in Populations causing Perpetual Conflicts and Huge Profits for any Military Industrial Complex and Control by same for Further Policies setup to Fail!

    And when ‘Johnny and Jane’ come Marching Home, Dump Them {that one cuts across all Political Ideology and Society }

    It’s Not ‘Strong on National Defense’, it Destroys ‘National Defense’ and brings about more and more ‘Conflicts of Choice’ for Greed and Power!

  3. and maybe our fight will be heard by everyone and they will join in a surge of our own. A surge to get the lousy healthcare, incompetent mental healthcare and lack of action by our nation on behalf of our vets to help get the innumerable problems fixed. Thanks Jim.

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