Web Stats of Presidential Candidates and Why They Shouldn’t Be Ignored

I noticed a very interesting thing while doing promotions tonight, namely, the web site statistics for Presidential Candidates.  There is a correlation between current standings in the voting booth and current rankings on the internet.  It is not a perfect correlation but I think it is important enough to mention to the group.

See Hillary vs Barack vs Edwards here  on Alexa.

See Huckabee vs Rudy vs Romney here on Alexa.

Google stats below the fold:


References for the names of the candidates on Google™.

Hillary Clinton: 12,200,000

Barack Obama: 4,400,000

John Edwards: 4,370,000

Mitt Romney: 1,770,000

Mike Huckabee: 1,440,000

Rudy Giuliani: 1,240,000

Fred Thompson: 529,000

References for the websites of the candidates on Google™:

BarackObama.com 478,000

MikeHuckabee.com 301,000

JohnEdwards.com  198,000

HillaryClinton.com 133,000

Fred08.com 103,000

JoinRudy2008.com 83,600

MittRomney.com 52,300

So what’s all this mean?  I’m the wrong guy to ask.

What I see is campaigns that don’t understand the web doing very poorly.  Campaigns that do are doing very well.  Campaigns that kind of get it are struggling.

The best example of a site performing well is Obama’s HQ blog.  The blog is clear and easy to read.  It isn’t over-cluttered and even your first time browser can understand what is going on. Something for the other candidates to think about.  And something for tomorrow’s candidates to pay attention to.


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  1. spends some time cleaning up their site and spending some money on online ads, replaces the dark foreboding downloads used in their promotions with livelier ones, they could easily catch up.

    But will they?

    • Temmoku on January 15, 2008 at 17:31

    I’m not sure what terms you used, but I got 7,480,000 for him.

  2. are always butt ugly and terrible. I wonder if this is intentional. From direct mail to the web and even the TV spots they are so bureaucratic looking. Kucinich’s site is really bad. They should hire Targets ad agency LOL. They managed to make Target look like a designers paradise. The only good political graphics I have seen came from Russia circa 1914. These great posters etc. (and the artists) were purged in favor of Social Realism favored by Stalin. I bet they do it on purpose can’t have art in the mix might offend people.  

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