The Devil Quotes Scripture (partial crosspost)

This is a partial crosspost from the ePluribus Media article The Devil Quotes Scripture: The GOP’s Damning Hypocrisy.

Gaeity” is a term denoting joyful exuberance or merriment, but in the hands of today’s Republican party, I would not be surprised to find it reinterpreted to a bastion of misleading and negative connotations almost as confusing as the definition and use of the word  gay.  The “Party of Moral clarity” has demonized the use of any word, term or action that could even hint at homosexuality in order to key into the knee-jerk prejudice of millions of “Christian” voters everywhere.  (Note that I put quotes around “Christian” — I can’t duly insult those who actually practice the teachings attributed to Christ, when I’m only targeting those who simply claim to.) …

Whenever I hear GOP leaders or pundits screech about a “homosexual agenda” and accuse someone of being gay as though it is a crime against humanity (unlike torture, or melting the flesh off children), I wonder why nobody asks them to clarify.

I mean, are they talking gay like Mark Foley, or not gay like Duke “Hookergate” Cunningham?

(Cunningham pic source: madcowprod dot com)

Are they talking gay like former Rep.  Ed Schrock, or not gay like Senator Larry “Wide Stance” Craig?

(Hat-tip theblacksentinel)

Perhaps they mean not gay like David “Diaper Man” vitter, or not gay like former Speaker Dennis “A Finger in Every Pie Scandal Hastert? (Dennis, cont’d)

Vitter pic source:

Perhaps it is the overall example of moral clarity and focus — his idea of it, at least — that Tom “The Bug Man” Delay (see also) set for his Republican brethren that first initially got them all confused with the meaning of certain terms.  Who knows?

(Hat-tip The Dood Abides)


There’s more, but I didn’t want to wholly crosspost it here as I’d written it explicitly for ePluribus Media. If you’ve enjoyed it so far, please read the whole article on ePluribus Media 2.0. Thank you.



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    • GreyHawk on January 5, 2008 at 2:59 am

    Another partial post, over on DailyKos, preceded this one, but the original is on ePluribus Media — there’s a lot more beyond simply the “gay or not gay” segment, which you’ve now seen in total.

    Those screwballs are well and truly messed up in their collective heads.

    • pfiore8 on January 5, 2008 at 3:12 am

    and what about their destruction of the word democracy

  1. how do I explain my observed phenomena without sounding crass.

    The larger issue does not stop at gay rights.  It crosses over into social engineering “tolerance” programs, the kindergarden picture books of families with two mommies and stuff.  

    My kids were certainly not taugh to hate people with diverse beliefs and backgrounds but instead grew up during the peak period of embracing diversity.  Well, let me just say that program failed miserably.

    What it did do instead is make my daugher aware enough to start screening her son’s content, not for violent inappropriate content but “faggy” inappropriate content.

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