RNN News asks: “Time for Cheney ‘Impeachment’ Hearings?”

Richard French of RNN, Regional News Network, out of New York’s Hudson Valley aired a report, on January 3rd, after a sitin at Congressman Jerry Nadlers office.

Richard French of RNN News on growing movement for Cheney Impeachment.

And asks the Question: Time for Cheney ‘Impeachment’ Hearings?

Than yesterday, January 7th, they had another, updated report, after George McGovern’s Op-Ed on ‘Impeachment’ on Sunday. This one carry’s some of the original parts, from above report, but adds parts of what McGovern had said as well as an interview with Ray McGovern about the Charges for Impeachment.

From the ‘Richard French Show’

On RNN TV New Yorks Hudson Valley

With Ray McGovern


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    the link leads to wexlerwantshearings

    • Temmoku on January 8, 2008 at 5:13 pm

    After all this crew has done, people are NOW thinking it should be done?

    I just wish they would have thought of this way back in 2003! So much suffering for naught.

    Now, by the time it gets started, the year will be over…I just want him in jail.

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