It was a good day today.  Late last night when I went to check on the horses they were both laying down on the fresh bedding.  The previous owner said that Rio never laid down as he was too skiddish.  I read some advice columns that said it is a sign that the horse is comfortable in their surroundings.

The horses and dog spent some quality time together while I tried out the new snow scoop, like a shovel but you just push, no lifting required.  I figured out what was wrong with one exterior light and one interior light.  Unpacked the first load of tools into the basement.

Ran out to the local hardware store where I was greeted by some friendly local faces and they filled me in on the best music venues in the area.  Picked up some bird feed and sewet cakes, extra gloves and a new hat.

Went to RadioShack(tm), again greeted by friendly local faces, and picked up that wireless router I mentioned in the comments yesterday.  It’s from Netgear, was relatively easy to set up, has excellent range and only cost 74 bucks.  I’m using it right now so that means…the studio is wireless.  And the signal should reach all the way to the barn.  Why bring a laptop to the barn?  tallying and ordering supplies, tips and advice, etc.

Started making small changes around the place, took down a cupboard that was cramping the entry way.  It was held onto the wall with one drywall screw.  Started tracing the wiring and trying to figure out the maze of ductwork in the basement.  Basically I’ll be pulling out anything that is not needed in order to start from scratch with the remodeling.  The studio will be getting a passive solar facelift and perhaps a solar panel or two of it’s own.

Tomorrow I’ll be running around some more and checking in on the cats.  A big wind storm is supposed to hit Wednesday night and I’d like to be back up here in order to check the barn and horses.  The previous owners left a list of local numbers to call, people that know the farm and horses who are willing to fill in if I get stuck on the road.  Neighbors I haven’t met yet that have already offered to help. My attitude is beginning to brighten on the future of America.  


  1. have a good night  

  2. That’s so great, and so is the solar remodel. Maybe there will be a future! Enjoy!

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    Over 200,000 signatures so far but that’s not enough.  We need to push the link to email lists, mom’s groups, any special interest group you can think of.  Think viral messaging, what would you want to email to a friend about impeachment?  And or grab your Impeach Cheney Blog Widget.

    Thanks for helping if you have the time.

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