Pony Party: Glass

On the way to visiting the hospital I took a detour to the RBG ( Royal Botanical Gardens) in the Hamilton-Burlington area to see a glass exhibit. My mother wasn’t interested initially but I heard her tell a friend on the phone how lovely it was. It wasn’t officially open but all the displays were up and we had a nice talk with the director/manager who was catching a quiet moment on a bench enjoying the hypnotically calm atmosphere of the indoor gardens. She told us that due to budget cuts, she had about half the staff she used to and every time they had a new exhibit, they wondered if they could even get it done. It made me realize that one of the unspoken necessities of urban life are public spaces where people can enjoy low cost or free entertainment/education with their family. When gardens, libraries, parks, and other “public spaces” disappear, we become less of a democracy, more of a lemming like consumer organism.

Here are a few pictures. All of the glass items were done by local artists….

When I was a university student on a budget, my then boyfriend and I often went to the outdoor portion of the local RBG gardens for a picnic. He was an artist  (painting,photography, graphic design)and I often acted as his “assistant” finding items that had visual appeal. It never occurred to me I might try and develop my own creative side at that time. I was more into local political activism and thinking I was going to help change the world.








The supreme irony of appreciating a glass exhibit, while negotiating the philosophical and practical realities of what happens to us as we become more fragile, was not lost on me. I will include a few more pictures in the last pony party of the day.

Thanks for looking and please feel free to share your own pictures. Remember, please don’t rec pony party, hang out, chit chat, and then go read some of the excellent offerings on our recent and rec’d list.


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  1. Hope you are getting a good start to your day.

  2. used to do stained glass. She made herself a Tiffany-style lamp, and many panels that were given as gifts.

    She is on a completely different track now, as a landscape designer with her own business.

    • KrisC on January 26, 2008 at 21:33

    Have you been to Vegas lately?  The Bellagio has a ceiling made of glass flowers….

    The Bellagio ceiling made of glass.

    Glass Ceiling Las Vegas, NV

    • KrisC on January 26, 2008 at 21:34

    Wicked big!  Sorry!

  3. Why are other people’s pony parties always better than mine?

  4. Just noticed we reached another milestone.    


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