Pony Party: Aging is Great!!!!

You can really tell that any products that are geared toward aging are trying to promote the idea that aging is just fantastic and with a few extra consumer products we can have exactly the same lives as we age. After all who wants to see commercials about pureed food?

This one is irksome because the damn song got in my head but it manages to both bash and embrace technology. If you have a basic inability to grasp modern technology and like to gripe about this modern world we live in here is the cell phone for you!!!!

Leaky bladders are no big deal….

I have a question about the Viagra commercials….. notice how they always show eager but very monogamous couples gearing up for a little whoopee di doop? Notice how attractive they are?? How come the commercials never show balding, overweight, sweaty, guys trying to impress women much younger than them? Apologies to balding, sweaty, overweight middle aged men because I am not exactly a beauty queen myself. But one gets the idea from the “boner” commercials that the only people who want to have sex when they are older are in serious committed relationships and are very, very, attractive. I’m thinking well  as I age, I am doomed as an average looking middle aged woman, apparently unless I look like Sharon Stone I won’t even think about sex, never mind actually have any.

Nor will I see any full frontal male nudity on American TV or in movies unless it is classified as porn because for some reason in our society the sight of a penis is far more taboo than somebody’s brains spilled out on the pavement. I can only guess there is some feeling among the ruling classes that if women actually see such things on TV or in movies they might run wild and ferment revolution.

That is OK I will be too busy wearing my serenity diapers while doing fun and socially acceptable sports activities while chatting up my girlfriends on my “jitterbug” to worry about sex and nudity. Why with the book club and the volunteer work I will be just too busy to fit it all in.

Please don’t rec pony party.

Hang out and chit chat and then go read some of the excellent offerings on our recent and rec’d list.

PS, I will be late  to this pony party because I am at the feline salon getting my coat groomed.

PPS, next week I will be without the internet tubes in Canada and won’t have time before I leave to construct some pony parties so you might just get a break from the Saturday pony parties.


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    • pfiore8 on January 12, 2008 at 18:11

    great essay ucc… cause this is one of the excellent offerings toDAY!

  1. Back from my redneck salon fluffed, cut, and streaked. A calico must have a nice looking coat.

  2. I am also (gasp) a middle aged woman and I have thought the same thing about the many commercials geared towards the now gravity impaired early Gen X and Baby boomers.

    Right now I hab a code so I don’t hab to worry about the diapers or socially acceptable activities. My right nostril has become a faucet, as has my right eye. My head is pounding and I have the shivers. I would love it if someone from the TV would pop out and deliver me some intensely strong medicine so that I could sleep through the next week of this crap.

    Thanks for the thoughts and laughs. Back to bed I go, now armed with a box of tissues.

  3. Great job!!! Just one question — I’m not familiar with one of the words in your essay. What exactly is “sex” and where can one learn more about it?  

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