New Straw Poll to Vote for Dennis Kucinich: “Tsunami Tuesday”

Dear Dharmaniacs,

I hope this will ease a bit of the pain and disillusionment surrounding Kucinich’s sad, yet wise, drop-out from Presidential contention.  He certainly fought hard, but the quivering corporatists refused to give him a chance to speak his message.

Many, many people who have heard some of his message have said, “I agree with what he says, and I would vote for him if he had a chance.”  They go on to say that since he does NOT have a chance, they feel they should vote for someone who has.  They feel they  should vote for Blabbidy Blah – one of the corporate preselected “acceptable” contestants.  The media has effectively perfomed its corporate-assigned job. This is Circular Disfunctionality!  Self-Fulfilling Prophecy!  Destructive and Disastrous Democraticropolitis!      

So, to ease our frustration a little and to make a statement, I’m sending a copy of a letter I received from Independent  Go vote on “Tsunami Tuesday.”  I hope my hyper links work.  If not, just go to Independent Primary and figure out where to click.

I, for one, will continue to work to restore our democracy through FDR New Deal principles.  Thanks.

Dear Sydney,

Today, January 24, 2008, Dennis Kucinich announced he is dropping out of the Presidential Race.

We want your voice as an independent-minded American to be heard.

So we’re going to give you another vote in the IndependentPrimary.Com “Tsunami Tuesday” vote.

You can go now to click here and cast a new vote for your choice.


Jim Mangia & Linda Curtis


PS. I know Dennis personally, and I want to extend my congratulations on a hard fought Presidential Campaign. Given his courageous stands for democracy, I think he’d want everyone to cast a ballot…

IndependentPrimary.Com and have your voice heard.


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  1. While attempting to minimize the impact the current results have on future voting, we also want to keep voters informed of how the primary is going.  We plan to send the results out by email at the end of the primary on February 1st.  The final tally will be publicly announced before the “Tsunami Tuesday” Primaries on February 5th, 2008.

    So you don’t get the tally right after you vote. You have to wait until 2/1 or so.  I voted anyway. I figure it’s about the last chance I’ll have to vote for Dennis.

  2. and I fixed your links dharmasyd 🙂  

    (you should click on edit diary and see what I did.  that might help you next time)

    • KrisC on January 26, 2008 at 16:50

    and don’t really need instant gratification…I know who won!

    The same person who won before-Kucinich by a landslide.  The people want DK, bbbbbut we can’t have him.  In poll after poll-DK won….even two ABC polls that were taken down.

    I’m so disappointed in all of this.

    I’m also willing to blog for Kucinich to keep his congressional seat against Cimperman.

  3. All of your comments are sadly too true.  Thanks for giving your feedback.  And I’m with you, KrisC; I think we must keep giving DK all the support we can.  

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