Iraq Moratorium #5 on Friday, January 18

Ready for Iraq Moratorium #5?

The Raging Grannies of Mountain View CA will bring cookies and tea to “welcome” recruiters to a new Armed Forces Career Center to the neighborhood on Friday, January 18 – and to let the recruiters know they are moving into territory occupied by the Grannies, part of a national network of antiwar activists.

A vigil at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Maryland will call for money to be spent helping wounded veterans, not the war.  A march in Brattleboro VT will feature drummers, horns, bagpipes, and dancers.  A public forum in Duluth MN will feature Native American and African American leaders speaking against the war.  

In San Mateo CA, a candlelight vigil will honor the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and incorporate his words against war.  In dozens of other communities across the country, groups will hold vigils or rallies, while thousands of individuals take some personal action to call for an end to the war.

It’s all part of the fifth Iraq Moratorium Day, a loosely-knit nationwide effort that asks people to take some action, individually or in a group, on the third Friday of every month to call for an end to the war.  Those actions range from simple gestures like wearing a black armband or button to participating in a large-scale protest.

Since the Moratorium began in September, more than 500 events have been listed with the group’s website, , which has a list of upcoming actions, and reports, photos and videos from previous month’s events.

“The fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq is two months away.  Two-thirds of the American people want this war to end, but there’s little or no movement from President Bush and not much more from Congress,” said Moratorium organizer Eric See.  “We must turn up the heat, and more people every month see the growing Iraq Moratorium movement as a way to do that.  This war’s got to stop, and we’ve got to stop it.”

What are you going to do?



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  1. What are you gonna do?

  2. I am going to be part of our 5th IM vigil at the corners of University Ave and Acton in Berkeley.  

    OTB has joined us every time.  She has taken photos and did a great post of our activities  for IM #3 on You Tube and right here on DD!  Thanks to DD and OTB and to you, XO, for all the support and good work!

    Do something?


  3. to get out the credit card and give some money on IM Day, give it to organizations that fight for us. Give it to Iraq Moratorium, ACLU, Center for Constitutional Rights, Mississippi Center for Justice. Give it in honor of the Iraq Moratorium. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but we’re a huge number of people, so $10 or $20 to a few organizations can potentially have a huge impact.  And, anyway, I’m not giving any $$ to the dems until I see some votes I like, so I’m giving what might be the dems money to others who will use it and fight well.  


    They have other Newsladders for various topics.  Similar to digg but smaller.

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