Ho Hum: Negroponte Admits Torture, MSM Yawns

Via Raw Story

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States used waterboarding in terrorism interrogations but no longer does, a former U.S. spy chief said in the Bush administration’s clearest confirmation of the technique’s use.

U.S. officials have been reluctant to acknowledge the CIA’s use of the simulated drowning technique, which human rights groups call an illegal form of torture.


Asked by the magazine if debate over U.S. counterterrorism techniques was hampering its effort in a “war of ideas,” Negroponte said, “We’ve taken steps to address the issue of interrogations, for instance, and waterboarding has not been used in years.”

Front page of the Washington Post?

Front Page of the New York Times?




But there was this http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22…

I find myself, that I have little left to say about America becoming a nation that tortures. (and btw, I don’t buy the “we used to, but now we don’t” shit for a minute….and that does NOT excuse it somehow either.) That whole war crimes thing is so passe, bringing it up just seems gauche.

Impeach the torturing Nuremberg violating war profiteering motherfuckers? Why bother? They will be gone in a year and then we can REALLY start pretending that none of this happened. That America set up a network of secret torture prisons and that several thousand bad apples were involved in systematic kidnapping and torturing of masses of innocents….many of whom we still are imprisoning after six years. With no trial. In the meantime, why trouble our beautiful minds? I for one, look forward to the day when I too can forget this monstrous epoch when the absolute worst people on the planet  were put in charge and started a bloody reign of international torture and human rights violations on an entirely new scale for a supposedly civilized nation, and when they can get on with their book tours and speaking engagements in peace, no longer having to fear being brought to justice for their horrific crimes against humanity.

Heck…The Super Bowl is almost here!

Through the looking glass and down the memory hole we go.


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  2. in their mouth”

    -Uncle Sam

  3. seriously, tho…it wont be forgotten because we wont shut up about it.  ever.  never.

    there’s more than one kind of justice…

    (p.s.  i think i put the time in wrong on my super bowl widget, so dont use it to synchronize your watch.)

  4. and vietnam in the sixty’s and seventy’s…..

    at root is humanities realtionship to dominance/submission hierarchies…..

    very complex primate troop behavior…….

    complete with playbook……..

    hooray for our side……..

    you know it may be a sign that america as a culture is going through its middle age…..

    no longer a young culture yet not yet an old one…..

  5. it’s become normalized. I don’t have much else to say about it either buhdy. It’s depressing as hell.

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