Hillary …Just Standing By Her Man

For the past week or so, the Clintons have demonstrated what a continuation of dynastic politics would be like in our federal government …a continuation of the divisive politics that has so characterized the past twenty years …Bush senior; Bill; W; and now, God forbid, Hill. America, the world cannot withstand another eight years of this type of politics. Nor can America live the next eight years in a foxhole as the Republicans, especially John McCain, would have us do. It is time for America to lift its sites, return to the time when America was indeed, the shinning light on the hill. America, as represented by our government, has a responsibility to its people and to the people of the world to rise above the fray and lead the world into the future. We cannot be that nation if we lower our sights to defending out of the Republican foxhole or bumbling along with stale ideas, ill-conceived policies, misspeaking and misunderstood presided-over by a two-headed leadership team. This country needs a singular voice to rally-around, who is responsible and capable of leading us into the future, mindful of the past but not constrained by its failures …a leader who is capable of bringing us along in quest of a higher vision for America and who accepts accountability for getting us there. The only acceptable choices are John Edwards and Barack Obama.

John Edwards has a certain appeal, it is inward focused and reparative …

…a boy who came from humble beginnings in Seneca [South Carolina] can grow up to run for president, then anything is possible. I know we can work together-rich and poor, urban and rural-to build one America, where everyone who works hard has a chance to achieve the American dream.

but, it is not transcending. Edwards’ vision is that everyone, no matter their beginnings, will have the opportunity to be a candidate, “…to run for president….” In America, we need more, we need a president with his sights set on a higher calling …a calling for our nation and not just a personal one. One that summons all of us to strive even higher so that our nation will overcome the failures in our spirit, in our economy, in our world-view, in our national and world leadership …a vision with the leadership needed to help us reacquire our place in the sun. Obama seems best suited to salve this crying need of America. We need to become what our collective imagination holds for America. A transformative administration is the only logical and intelligent choice. Obama says it best.

The choice in this election is not between regions or religions or genders.  It’s not about rich versus poor; young versus old; and it is not about black versus white.

It’s about the past versus the future.

Will America rise above the petty, divisive politics of the past generations [from whence I and a majority of Americans have resided] and move to a future of inclusiveness and the politics of the possible? Only time will tell. We have a choice. Will America grasp for the brass ring of an even greater future or, will we fall back into the past, dig our foxholes even deeper, ward off the world and shrivel into another failed society? Societies come and go, few have been able to transcend the obstacles placed before them and move their people into a brighter future. America has an earth changing choice in this election. I, fervently, hope that we do not miss the opportunity to better secure our future.

UPDATE: On FTN today, Hillary Clinton indicated that she is OK with Bill’s approach to supporting her candidacy. Apparently, the only way to differentiate in a campaign is to disparage the other fellow.

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