Glenn Greenwald pisses me off, too

Look. I’m only a screen name, visceral in nature. Yet, experience does creep in and informs my mainly emotional outbursts. From where I sit, in the cheap seats… the nose bleed section… Glenn Greenwald misses the essential problem in our government: it’s all an act.  


what screaming might look and/or feel like

This whole bloody dance among Republicans, Democrats, and the White House is for show. It is THE show in fact. Everybody has assigned roles to pacify their segment of the audience. And that’s all it is.

Do any of you really think a Democrat in the White House is going to fundamentally change and undo this mess? Because if that was the real and true intent of the Democratic Party, impeachment would not be off the table. Nobody would have capitulated on FISA in the first fucking place. And I’ll give them this: I’ll frame this rant post November 2006.

Nobody would have capitulated on Iraq. Nobody in that Senate Chamber would be allowing people to disregard Senate-issued subpoenas for GODS SAKES. Hey Glenn… love ya buddy, but wake the fuck up. How can we possibly start  to figure out what to do unless we understand we have to restock our government with more and better AMERICANS.

Are we getting this yet????????????????????????????????? Cause somebody needs to tell what the Democrats have done to counter and deactivate the BushCo bomb. Tell me why I should believe in these complicit bastards.

Seriously. We need to stop focusing on Democrats. They are NOT the answer to our problems. We are the answer. An invigorated, incensed citizenry… neighbors throwing away party affiliations and coming together as Americans. We are all under siege. And those attacking us are in our Government. That includes Nancy, Harry, Hillary, Barack, John (although he does say the right things but past actions?)…

I know it makes one feel a bit helpless. And I’m sure there are those in Congress, silenced and shuttered away, who are with us. We need to liberate them. And ourselves.

First thing? Stop thinking the Democrats will save us. They are not on our side. Just go back in history to the Clinton days… if you want to see it. If you have the stomach for it. Read this comment from tigger in his Why doesn’t being wrong count? essay.

Time to wake up America. Really. This is some serious shit.

ps… i should also say that this is response to Glenn talking about Democrats, from my interpretation, as though they were a hapless bunch of fumbling pols who have nothing but the best intentions for Americans… like they really are planning to stand up to global corporation power to re-deploy our resources more fairly… and well, i think you get my point of rage…

buhdy, i really want a throbbing heart thingee too…


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    • pfiore8 on January 28, 2008 at 19:21

  1. I don’t think it is a question of focusing on Dems per say there is just a slightly minimal chance one or two might listen. I am not being critical of the boss, but he is thinking the system still might work. I am undecided on that. My beliefs about that are in flux at the moment.

  2. … Greenwald said anything different than what you’re saying here — at least from what buhdy posted and the link he gave.

    Greenwald says it’s up to the citizens to change things and blasts the Dems for capitulating.

    I think particularly this:

    But what incidents such as this one conclusively demonstrate is that it is always possible, if enough citizen intensity is mustered and the right strategy is formulated, for citizens to disrupt and defeat the best-laid plans of our corrupt political establishment.

    … pretty much says what you are saying, if I’m reading this essay right.

    I don’t see anywhere that Greenwald is advising us to rely solely on the Dems to “save us.”

    I stopped thinking the Dems (or any other establishment institution, including the maintstream media) were going to “save us” right after the 2006 election.

  3. Your front is fought on one of the highest levels, a long term complete paradigm change, the Battle of Ideas…which is great.

    In the meantime, we still have to fight on the ‘ground’ and resist and oppose the individual acts of ‘evil.’ It is just as important.

    It is, in point of fact, that kind of fight that draws the most eyeballs and changes the most minds and builds the most strength amongst the People.

    There is the higher fight, the philosophical one….and then the one in the trenches, that Greenwald is fighting so well. Do you think Greenwald disagrees with your philosophy?

    The problem with the ground fight is that it is incremental, yard by yard, against a deeply entrenched opponent, it is slow and slogging and very very frustrating….but the problem with YOUR fight is…that there is no specific place to fight it. It is ethereal in nature, a change of attitude rather than a change in actions.

    BOTH are necessary, but it is unnecessary, in my opinion to choose between them, and certainly unnecessary to ….what would you call it….demean or dismiss? ….those who are fighting the ground fight with the tools/weapons that they need to use to do that. Which is….focusing on the points where we can make change, where we can influence the system, where we can pressure the Democrats…or whoever it may be…to do the right thing. Action on the ground, fighting the ‘enemy’ that is right in front of your face

    We need to fight back in ALL ways. The battle for a yard of turf, as with FISA….AND the battle of ideas, which is where you are fighting.

    My suggestion? Fight the battle of ideas against the people who disagree with your ideas….not those whose method of fighting is merely different than yours….but are on the same side. IOW, fight against those who seek to disenfranchise the People. Glen is not one of those people. MANY good Democrats like Maxine Waters and Barbara Lee etc. etc. are not those people. From here on the ground…The Republicans are those people, they are the CURRENT face of the ‘enemy’….and I will take whatever allies I can find in that fight….including the Democrats, even though I know that they will not save me. I am not looking for them to save me, I am looking for them to be allies and tools….however poor…in the fight on the ground.

    You say we need to stop focusing on The Dems… what DO we focus on? They are who we can change, who we need to change to take back the power from the real bad guys, the ones who bring UP the bills and wars that the Dems cave on. We can focus on the people….but that is a VERY wide focus, and so less effective in the short term, ground battle.

    I am all for your fight as well, and I like to think I am fighting it as well, so tell me how else I can fight it? Or am I ‘missing the essential fact’ as well, when I fight the ground fight?

    I will fight the battle of Ideas, but at the same time I will fight the fight on the ground as well, and still….by leaps and bounds…..trying to change and influence the Dems is the best way to fight that fight.

    Here is your heart Photobucket

    Now I have to go and stretch out after typing all of this, lol!

    • Edger on January 28, 2008 at 20:57

    They are NOT the answer to our problems. We are the answer. An invigorated, incensed citizenry… neighbors throwing away party affiliations and coming together as Americans.

    They are employees.

    What do you do with an employee who refuses to do his job, and lies to you and robs you while he’s not doing it?

  4. essential……

    it is the beginning…

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