Do NOT Allow the Corporate Owned Media To Choose FOR US!

I just made my first donation to a political candidate in my entire life, (and I am pushing 70.) I just sent 25.00 of my very small income to John Edwards.

Not because I am an Edwards groupie. Not because I think he’s the answer to all our wishes.

I did it because I am DAMNED if I can sit idly by and watched the freaking corporate owned media, (or any other corporate owned political machinery) to decide FOR US, who the Democratic Candidate ought to be! And because Edwards stands ALONE in NOT running his campaign on dirty money.

It just couldn’t GET more transparent than it now is,that the Repugs want nothing more than to fan the flames of racisim, sexism and ageism to five alarm level between Obama and Clinton!  The fact that one is the first black to get this close, and the other the first women to get this close, is being mercilessly exploited to their advantage, and people are falling for it.

FRACTURE THE OPPOSITION and WIN, while withdrawing ALL ATTENTION away from the ONE candidate they all fear the most: the one candidate they COULDN’T BUY OFF!

The media is totally invested in getting us all to choose between their pre-selected TWO: the two candidates MOST beholden to the Powers That Be: the ones least likely to kill their golden goose, if elected.  

And don’t think those made up,jaw flapping talking heads don’t know what side of their bread is buttered. The chances that my TV will survive this campaign grow smaller every day, I am so DAMNED DISGUSTED with all of this!

My measly 25 bucks won’t say much…but it is my fervent hope that a whole lot of folks with a whole lot more money than I have, will donate to the Edwards Campaign and SOON, even if he’s not your chosen candidate.

Because it’s worth a few bucks,in MY world anyway, to at least TRY to insure that this election is NOT completely bought off by the power elite of both parties, in this sham of a democracy. If nothing else, it might help me sleep a bit better knowing I did…”something”, however small.  



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  1. how did that work out?

  2. I donated to Kucinich.

    I donated to Wexler.

    I donated to the IM.

    And that’s where I’m staying for now!!

    Good diary, scribe!!

  3. and I like kucinich…..

    but america does not seem ready…..

    nor do the centerist dems…..

  4. of the ruling elite, who will use every tool in their well-moneyed, powerful and influential clique to determine who our next leader will be.

    This should be a clue:

    The US arms industry is backing Hillary Clinton for President and has all but abandoned its traditional allies in the Republican party. Mrs Clinton has also emerged as Wall Street’s favourite. Investment bankers have opened their wallets in unprecedented numbers for the New York senator over the past three months and, in the process, dumped their earlier favourite, Barack Obama.

    Mrs Clinton’s wooing of the defence industry is all the more remarkable given the frosty relations between Bill Clinton and the military during his presidency. An analysis of campaign contributions shows senior defence industry employees are pouring money into her war chest in the belief that their generosity will be repaid many times over with future defence contracts.

    Any candidate outside of the mainstream will be marginalized and ignored by the establishment media so that we will have little opportunity to hear what they have to say. Our current system and policies favor their interests. They will do everything they can to eliminate any threats the status quo, such as those proposed by Edwards, Kucinich or Paul and possibly Obama.  

    • Nordic on January 16, 2008 at 06:29

    They decided it was gonna be HRC versus Obama over a year ago.

    This is from a Newsweek cover story from December of 2006:

    And here’s the cover:

    And here’s the diary I wrote about it:

    Shoving Them Down Our Throats

    And you can go to Dailykos and see how everybody took the bait and is now completely ignoring every crime of the Bush administration in order to fight each other over these two pre-selected “candidates”.  

  5. How is Dennis funded by dirty money?

    • Atticus on January 16, 2008 at 15:19

    Dennis got my final political contribution years ago when he kept promising to fight to the finish.

    It was when he disappointed me that I decided that my contributions could serve the greater good by going  somewhere else other than to a politician.

    Let the people with money play their games, I’ll be manning the barricades.

  6. media and the corporate political machine seems to have merged. I see cracks in the Democratic party establishments grip.  Unfortunately both the media and pols combine and repair the damage and co-opt the dissatisfaction. Dean started it and even though they have sidelined him I think the voters are making surprising inroads.

    I have donated to Kucinich, Dodd, and Edwards. If the fix is in at least I tried.      

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